A Passion for Revenge

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A Passion for Revenge

By: EllaRose OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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He was born into a powerful family of politicians, but he gave up his privileged life for love. He eloped with a girl he met on his graduation trip even after already being engaged to another woman from a powerful family. He worked as a humble employee, hiding his true identity from his wife and her relatives. But after three years of marriage, his wife decided to divorce him for the sake of her career. What happens after he has gotten his riches back? Keep on reading to find out!

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7 chapters
Episode 1
Daniel was bubbling with happiness as he walked into the office that day. He had a big smile on his face, and a spring in his step. He greeted everyone he met with a cheerful “Good morning!” and made his way to his desk.He smiled as he remembered how Lisa had wrapped her arms around him last night, whispering “I love you” in his ear. He was sure that she was finally back to him, after months of drifting apart. He ignored the warnings of her family members, who had told him to leave her because he was poor but he believed that their love was stronger than anything, and that they could overcome any obstacle.He sat down at his desk, and turned on his computer. He checked his email, and replied to a few messages. He had a lot of work to do for such a meager salary but he didn’t mind. He was in a good mood, and nothing could ruin it.Or so he thought.“Hey, you look happy today. Have great sex again?” Tiffany sneered at him from across the room. She was his colleague, and she often tease
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Episode 2
Lisa glanced anxiously at her phone as it buzzed for the third time in a row. She knew who was calling, and she wished he would just leave her alone. She was trying to enjoy a romantic dinner with John, but Daniel was ruining her mood.“You should take that call,” John said, sipping his wine with a hint of irritation in his voice. Lisa sighed and reached for her phone. She tried to turn it off, but it kept ringing. She felt guilty for ignoring Daniel.“Alright, give me a minute,” she pleaded with John, who nodded reluctantly. She picked up her phone and finally answered the call.“Lisa, please. I’m sorry. If I’ve done anything wrong to you, I’m really sorry,” Daniel pleaded with Lisa in a broken voice. He sounded desperate and scared, and Lisa felt pity for him.“Daniel… what do you want? I already told you we’d talk about this at home,” she said calmly, trying to sound firm.“That’s the problem. I can’t wait until you come home. I know you’re in a hotel with another man!” He yelled
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Episode 3
Daniel drove back home in his bike angrily while Lisa followed behind him in a cab. It was a very chilly night and his teeth were already chattering but he didn’t care. He hoped the cold would subside his pain and anger.He burst into the house angrily and met his in-laws still in the house.“How did it go?” Kevin asked with a hopeful tone, but Daniel ignored him and walked past them.“Where’s my daughter you idiot? You promised to be back with her. Better pray nothing has happened to her or else!” Gloria yelled after him as he stormed into his bedroom and banged the door behind him.“Or else nothing mom. I’m fine,” Lisa said walking into the house, looking obviously cold but there was something else about her expression that her mother couldn’t tell. She looked sad.“Oh thank goodness my child. What happened to you? You look terrible,” Gloria said after hugging her and started scanning her face.“I’m fine mother. Where’s Daniel?” Lisa asked and her mother shrugged.“He’s inside. We c
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Episode 4
“Hello, uncle!” Daniel exclaimed, grinning ear to ear as his uncle was the first person he saw at the entrance. It seemed he was waiting for him to arrive.“My boy! You’ve grown so big now,” his uncle Mark remarked in his coarse old voice, but he was still standing tall and vibrant just the way Daniel had remembered.“You don’t look bad yourself,” Daniel complimented, and his uncle patted him on the back.“Come with me, you must be exhausted from the entire chaos,” Uncle Mark suggested, holding Daniel on the shoulder as he walked him into the house.……“So, it has all been a lie then. My father didn’t die of a stroke?” Daniel asked, confused, glaring at his uncle who sat at the arm of his chair in his office.They decided to go somewhere discreet because Uncle Mark had something important to tell Daniel.“Of course he didn’t. It’s uh… actually very sad and I feel heavy speaking about it,” he said with a sad face, looking down at his shoes.“Tell me, uncle, I need to know more. I’m not
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Episode 5
Police sirens were heard everywhere and they took Daniel to safety. Daniel looked traumatized as they kept asking him questions about what happened and how it happened.He narrated the story to them, while they took down notes. “I told you it wasn’t going to be easy,” his uncle said, the minute the police left him. He had arrived immediately at the crime scene.Apparently, it was his uncle who sent his men after Daniel’s car and they got into a shootout with Daniel’s kidnapper, who of course escaped and was nowhere to be found.“But how did you know I was in trouble?” Daniel asked, confused. “You were going the wrong way, son,” he said, and Daniel forced a grin.……There were murmurs in the conference room as Daniel walked in with so much grace and poise, looking dashing in his tuxedo.“Good morning, everyone,” he said, clearing his throat, as he walked to the high seat, in which he sat down, and everyone followed. There was utter silence in the hall, as everyone was in total confusio
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Episode 6
“What do you mean you don’t know? My uncle was left in your care and you blew it!” Daniel thundered at his uncle’s head of security, his face red with anger.He and Jane had driven straight to his uncle’s place to check on what was going on and saw the security there relaxed, as if nothing had happened.“I swear sir. He asked us not to follow him that it was just the grocery store. Besides, one of us eventually followed him, I guess they have him too,” the chief security explained, his voice trembling as he met Daniel’s furious gaze.“Oh my goodness! We have to do something. I can’t let my uncle die,” Daniel complained in fear, his hands clenched into fists. He felt a gentle touch on his shoulders and turned to see Jane, his girlfriend, looking at him with concern.“Calm your nerves. Let’s go home and get some rest, I’m sure we’ll find a solution in the morning,” she said, patting his shoulders for comfort.“You’re right. Let’s go home. We have some people to pay a visit tomorrow,” Da
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Episode 7
“Sir, what’s the next step from here? This helicopter has to land now,” Henry said again, his voice sounding urgent. He was worried about the safety of his boss and his men.“We’re going in,” Daniel said, his voice firm and resolute.“Babe, wait, it’s dangerous in there!” Jane shouted after Daniel, as he was already dashing towards the warehouse, once the helicopter landed. She wanted to go with him, but she knew he wouldn’t let her.“That’s my uncle in there! Hey, Luis! Come here! Take her home. This scene is not for you. I made a mistake bringing you here,” Daniel instructed one of his men, as he handed Jane over to him. He was afraid of what might happen, and he didn’t want to put her in harm’s way.She didn’t even hesitate, because she was scared to her bones. She quickly followed Luis, and got into the helicopter. She looked at Daniel, as he ran into the fire, and prayed for his safety.“Uncle!” Daniel shouted, as he walked into the warehouse with his men. He was greeted by a hor
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