Chapter 2676 Union Among Half-Siblings

At Cardozo Perfumes, the secretary appeared at Kelvin’s office door.

“Good morning, Mr. Mountain. Mr. Josias Rocha wishes to speak with you.”

Kelvin looks up from the monitor. “Huh? Josias? Did he say what it was about?”

“No, sir,” The secretary answered with a facial expression as if she said ‘And he would say it to me?’

“OK, tell him to come in.” Kelvin prepares for whatever may come.

Josias enters with a confident expression, leaving the secretary almost suffocated by his aura. She goes out, closing the door.

“Josias...” Kelvin stands up and the gentlemen shake hands.

“Kelvin, I know you’re busy,” Josias states. “So I’ll be brief. I understand that your nephew has started pestering my daughter, saying that he loves her, even though Caroline is deeply in love with my late best friend’s son.”

Kelvin swallows hard. “I’m aware of this, Josias. I’m really sorry. It seems unreasonable considering that you gave Felipe a job before this.”

“I intend to keep the job, as long as Felipe doesn’
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