Chapter 2678 Missed Opportunity for Being a Troublemaker

At the famous ‘Happy Bride’ bridal shop, Rosemary and Caroline feel like they are in a torture chamber. But in reality, they’re just accompanying Sofia as she tries on dresses for the big wedding.

Olivia glanced at the ladies from time to time, feeling the uneasiness among them, and purposely ordered Sofia to try on or remove dresses that were already perfect.

“Hmm... I don’t know, daughter. That other one with a cleavage on the bust looked prettier.”

“Mom, come on, this one is perfect!” Not even Sofia could bear changing so many dresses.

The saleswoman, however, was always helpful because she knew who the customer was. “Miss Vasquez, if you want, we can change and try something else. We’re here at your disposal.”

“Thank you, dear,” Olivia said as she almost pushed Sofia into the dressing room.

Rosemary wasn’t one to keep quiet and took the opportunity to say, “Mrs. Vasquez, I believe you can stop torturing us all. The choice of dress is the bride’s.”

Olivia turned around, surprised t
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