Xayne Xavier, The Ironclad Protector

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Xayne Xavier, The Ironclad Protector

By: Blanco Burn Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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"Daddy! Help me! I don't want to die! I'm not a worthless bastard!"Xayne Xavier was attending his rank conferral ceremony at Mount Tiberius after five years of bloody battles when he received an unexpected call. On the other end, his daughter was on the brink of death, and his wife had been taken captive.Filled with rage, he immediately rallied a force of three hundred thousand North Plains warriors and three thousand Dracarium elites to return to Shalholm and wage a merciless war against those who had hurt his family. Although he had not seen his wife and daughter in five years, they had now become his lifelong goal to protect and his reason for living.

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  • igbinedion loveth


    nice book so far but then the over repetition of events is to much and it's making the story boring.

    2024-05-05 14:03:58
  • Paul Koech


    good story worth reading

    2024-04-13 07:52:19
  • Andy


    Excellent read

    2024-04-06 03:01:54
  • Lorna baylas


    Book that you want to read what is next. So, please upload all the next chapters...thank you

    2024-03-01 11:45:00
  • Paula Taylor-Vazquez


    I am enjoying the book but cost to much

    2023-07-25 12:46:24
  • Sau


    Great story but, I hate short story without conclusions...‍♂️

    2023-10-27 08:11:08
  • See Yah


    More updates please. This book is interesting so far. Will change rate as progresses depending if it can manage to keep the reader's excitement as the chapters progressed.

    2023-06-01 03:48:21
  • Shania Mpho


    I’m enjoying the book so far.

    2023-09-30 12:35:37
  • Asia


    Please update this was an Amazingg readand well written. Please continue the story or publish a full book. I will buy which ever way.

    2023-06-16 11:00:48
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1566 chapters
Chapter 1
"Mommy, I don't want to die, I miss Daddy. Can you tell me who my Daddy is? Will Daddy come to see me? I'm not a worthless bastard!... waaah!"Serena Swift, with tear-streaked face, tightly held the small hand of Coco, who lay in a hospital bed, covered in blood. She cried, "Daddy will come, Coco, you just have to be a good girl," as she tried to reassure her daughter.In a panic, Serena reached for her phone and dialed a number she hadn't called in five years. "Xayne, this is Serena. Our daughter Coco had an accident. She's dying. Please, can you come see her... she's been asking for you... please... where are you?" Her voice trailed off as she crumbled to the ground, unable to speak and trembling uncontrollably."Serena?" Xayne Xavier's voice shook as he heard the news on the other end of the phone. He was dressed in his green Drakonian army uniform, standing on the rank conferral platform of Mount Tiberius, where the area was sealed off with one hundred thousand soldiers statione
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Chapter 2
Meanwhile, at VolkCare Hospital in Shalholm, a group of black-suited bodyguards burst into the hospital room, forcefully removing the medical staff who were administering emergency treatment to Coco.Serena Swift's distress was evident as she desperately exclaimed, "Who are you? What on earth are you doing? My daughter's life is hanging by a thread!"The sound of footsteps echoed through the corridor outside the emergency room.A young and handsome man, dressed impeccably in a white suit, walked into the emergency room. He calmly said with a cold smirk, "Well, well, Serena. Still not ready to accept my proposal, huh? Consider this car accident a friendly warning. If you agree to my terms and spend a few nights with me, I'll take care of all your daughter's medical expenses. She'll get the best damn treatment money can buy."Serena stared angrily at the tall man in front of her, her eyebrows furrowing with hatred. Suddenly, she lunged forward and grabbed his tie, screaming, "Tristan
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Chapter 3
The Shalholm airport was currently under lockdown for an unbelievable reason— the world-renowned top three doctors had all arrived in Shalholm on the same chartered plane! This news had sent Mayor Kenneth Selby of Shalholm and the city's wealthiest man, Chuck Lavy, along with numerous entrepreneurs and celebrities, rushing to the airport to meet the three esteemed doctors: Stephen Saye, Rudolf Virchow, and Henry Gray!Each of these doctors had gained worldwide acclaim. They possessed the ability to treat complex medical conditions and even perform miracles, bringing people back from the brink of death! As a result, those seeking their medical expertise had to pay exorbitant fees and endure long waiting lists. Some individuals had even been on waiting lists for over a decade just to see them!Outside the airport exit, a fleet of luxurious Shalholm cars, accompanied by government vehicles, were lined up in perfect formation.Kenneth and Chuck led a group of people, both prominent and
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Chapter 4
"Supreme Commander, what should we do?" Chesley expressed his concerns. "I've already ordered Shalholm's combat division to be on standby, but I'm worried that once the Dragonbreakers Legion, with their three hundred thousand troops, arrives in the five provinces of East Yoskea, it will create unnecessary trouble and cause public outrage."Rhaega's expression turned serious, his face darkened. "Establish immediate contact with the Drakonian Council to inform the four elders about this situation! Also, personally go to Shalholm! Hurry!"Afterward, Rhaega stared at the red dot symbols representing the three hundred thousand Northern Plains army on the electronic screen, consumed by deep panic!"Contact the Shalholm authorities right away! Demand the mayor, Chief Enforcement Officer, and the stationed combat division to provide updates on the situation every half an hour! And make sure Linford Haith takes charge of this for me! If there are any oversights or consequences, he'll answer
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Chapter 5
Mark was dumbfounded. He had received a call from the city hospital and specially requested the Raptor Operators for backup to deal with these extremely vicious criminals, yet he was getting yelled at by his superior!The weirder thing was when Mark looked at the expression on Harold's face, he realized that he seemed very scared of these people in front of him."Chief Saun, what's going on? I'm here to capture them. Why are you asking us to retreat?" Mark swept his gaze across Xayne and his men. He was not a fool, and he could sense an aura of aggression and killing intent from them!If Harold had not barged in suddenly, he would most probably have ordered the Raptor Operators to open fire!"Mark, you stupid donkey! Are you saying I'm not high-ranking enough to order your Patrol Enforcement Division? Get your men out of here now! All of them!" Harold shouted at the top of his lungs, as his heart pounded uncontrollably.Kenneth had given strict orders that no one was allowed to in
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Chapter 6
Xayne hung up straight away. His face looked cold and there was an aura of extreme hostility around him. Then, he got into the jeep that was parked at the door and said in a nonchalant voice, "From today onwards, I am no longer the Supreme Commander of Northern Plains! Listen! Everyone of Dracarium, I want you to be in Shalholm as soon as possible! Quint, Hex, Sefton, Augustin, stay here and guard the hill villa!""Supreme Commander, are you really going to resign?"Ace asked worriedly with a hint of unwillingness inside. Xayne was the strongest and most outstanding hero of his time. Not only was he the icon of all Drakonia, but he was also a monument that would stand in their hearts forever!"Enough talking. Let's head to the Platinum Palace Hotel now!" Xayne said in a cold voice and his eyes filled with hatred that was soaring through the sky.'Serena, I'm back!'I'm never going to let anyone in this world take you away from me or hurt you!'Ace heard Xayne's order and shouted,
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Chapter 7
Serena had tears all over her face, her pursed lips shook uncontrollably as she looked at what was happening and the man's resolute face in disbelief.At the moment she had accepted her death... Xayne appeared! Yes. The man she had yearned for the past five years, showed up at the very last moment.Serena could not help but cry out loud when she thought about that. "Boo-hoo, you're back. You're finally back..."Xayne looked at the tiny Serena in his arms, who had tears all over her eyes. He reached out and gently wiped the blood off her face. When he saw the bullet hole in her right shoulder, just a palm away from a heart, the murderous aura in him surged through the sky! Damn it! Damn it!"Ouch! Boo-hoo..." And in that tall building, behind that shattered window, Tristan was stepping on Lindsey, who was badly injured and trying to break free.Lindsey teared up and a smile flashed across her face she saw how Serena had been saved by the heroic man down below. She had been complete
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Chapter 8
Serena was terrified and her whole body shook when she saw more than a hundred men surrounding them with machetes and batons that appeared out of nowhere!However, she still endured the tearing pain in her shoulder like a mother wolf protecting its cubs from danger. She stood in front of Xayne with her fragile body and said to the man who was wearing a black trench coat and a fedora with a smoking pipe in his hand, "Mr. Golding, this is all my fault! Please let him go! I'm willing to face all the consequences alone!"Serena was about to kneel as she spoke, but her feeble arm was grabbed by a big and warm hand from behind!Serena turned around and looked at Xayne, who had a solemn and menacing look on his face. Then, she said worriedly with her red eyes, "Xayne, what are you doing? He's Jefferson Golding, Tristan's uncle! He has more than a thousand men and he's only of the most powerful men in the underworld of Shalholm! We can't fight him. Please don't do anything rashly. Leave now
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Chapter 9
"Mr. Golding, should we chase after them? Are we just going to let them leave like this?" One of Jefferson's men asked him. In response, Jefferson slapped him, and he dropped to the ground!"You're all useless! There were only two of them, yet none of you could take them down! Get out of my sight!"Jefferson was fuming. His heart broke when he looked at the empty street from afar and then his men who were lying on the ground.He wondered if he messed with the wrong people this time. However, he just could not figure out who would be strong enough to stand against the Golding family in Shalholm."Quick! Drive me back! I've got to tell my brother about this!" Jefferson knew that he had to get the head of the family to handle this!The Golding family had messed with somebody that they should not have!Judging from how powerful they were, Jefferson figured that the people who attacked him were probably from the military force of Drakonia!Serena got off the jeep instantly as soon as
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Chapter 10
"Who are you?! Let go of me! You're hurting me!"Sophia let out a painful cry, and when she looked into Xayne's eyes, she froze in place silently as if she was struck by lightning.It was simply terrifying!The man's gaze looked like a devil! The deadly aura surrounding him made Sophia feel like he could devour her anytime!Sophia gulped as a few droplets of cold sweat rolled down her beautiful cheeks!Xayne shrugged Sophia's arm off, causing her to stumble a few steps back. "Ouch!" Sophia yelped and fell to the ground!At that time, Serena could not hold her weary body up anymore as she fell into Xayne's arms.Xayne was worried and he held Serena and asked nervously, "Serena, are you okay? Serena!"Serena leaned into Xayne's warm embrace as she shook all over. Her cheeks were burning and the bloodstains on her forehead and shoulder were horrifying to look at!Xayne's eyes immediately burned with raging fire!"The Swift family, how dare you!" Xayne shouted and he was about to
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