Chapter 2698 Cardozo’s

Josias was now drying off after cooling off in the pool. Hector approached him.

“Good morning, Mr. Rocha. Mr. Motta wishes to speak to you.”

“Octavio? Has he come in yet?” Josias smiles. “Let him come here, please, Hector. Oh, and as for the slide...”

Hector gulped. “I’m sorry for it, Mr. Rocha. But Mr. Campos would be stuck all night if I didn’t take drastic measures.”

Josias chuckles, “OK, it’s done. I understand. We weren’t going to let poor Will suffocate in there, right?”

Hector calmed down and left to call Octavio.

Octavio appeared next, in a mix of happiness and fear.

“Good morning, Josias! I have good news and bad news.”

“Oh, are you going to be able to ruin my Saturday?” Josias jokes.

Octavio tenses, unsure whether or not he should say what he came to say.

Josias laughs, “Come on, my friend, s

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