The Last Voyage

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The Last Voyage

By: Lazy Pen CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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What do people regret the most? Not what we did. Until the last moments of life, we regret most things we have not done. Kent knows he only has 6 months to live, so he decides to experience life. He didn't want his life to end with many regrets.

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140 chapters
Chapter 1: Hopeless
“Kent, you only have six months to live. That's why, if there's something you haven't done yet, do it."The nearly fifty-year-old doctor spoke calmly to the young man sitting across from him.The young man of about twenty-eight years old, with a normal face, a well-proportioned body, no matter how he looked at it, he could only be seen as a very ordinary person.Yes, this young man's name is Kent.Kent was surprised to hear the other doctor say that he had only six months to live. He couldn't believe what he had just heard was true.Kent stammered: "Doctor, I-I'm only twenty-eight years old, how can I die?"The doctor looked at Kent with pity in his eyes. After all, he has b
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Chapter 2: Enlighten
Kent sat on the railing, looking into the distance. It was almost three o'clock in the morning, the road was extremely deserted with no sign of any cars or pedestrians. Kent was alone, sitting on the railing of the bridge, looking at the river and the tall buildings in the distance. Kent looked into the distance, at the tall buildings still lit up as day. In a place that once held Kent's dream, Kent tried to work hard, hoping that one day he could blend in with the crowd in that crowded city as one. Busy but happy, have a place to go to work every day, a place to go home, a place to meet friends, a place to have fun. But all of that is gone now. Kent had only a little time left to live, illusions and good dreams were completely gone. The person Kent loves has also be
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Chapter 3: Regret
The next morning, Kent went to work in a very good mood. He didn't go to the office, but went straight to the manager's room - Steve. Kent walked into the room, saw Steve hugging Ann Reed in the office, not at all thinking that this was a workplace. Seeing Ann Reed being embraced by Steve with such affection, but inwardly Kent only felt a little sad and then calmed down. Since last night Kent has thought through everything, so now he is only a little sad, then he does not pay attention to Ann Reed and Steve anymore. What's not mine isn't mine anyway, plus he has a lot of work to do in the remaining 6 months, not enough time to pay attention to hateful things. Kent glanced at the two of them, Steve and Ann Reed when they saw Kent enter the room, they showed more emoti
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Chapter 4: Donations
At this moment, on social networks, a tsunami is raging. After Kent sold all his Scoin holdings, the Scoin market immediately reduced its inherent value. The value of Scoin has dropped from more than $70,000 currently to $30,000 a Scoin. Even people predict that in the future Scoin will drop sharply.Netizens all over the world are also talking about it right now.[What just happened, why did Scoin drop so sharply?][Problem. So far, Scoin has only dropped a little bit and then increased sharply, how could it have fallen this deep.][Something big is about to happen.][Everyone! Did you guys notice that someone just sold 1,000 Scoin earlier?][What? Someone owns 10,000 Scoin?]Read more
Chapter 5: Money
Kent saw this car and frowned because he knew who the owner of this car was.Just as Kent thought, the person getting out of the car was a middle-aged man, he was David, the general manager of the company that Kent used to work for.David saw Kent give Kent a heartwarming smile that reminded Kent of five years ago, David had smiled the same way at Kent.At that time Kent had just graduated from university, so it was very difficult to find a job. Although Kent graduated with honors, he was an orphan, without parents, did not have much money, and did not know people with great positions, so it was very difficult to get a good job.That's when David texted Kent.Not in the interview room for new hires, but online. That's right,
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Chapter 6: Poverty
At this moment, Steve lying on the brick floor suddenly woke up.As soon as Steve woke up, he screamed: "Fuck! Damn it! Dad, you beat me because of outsiders, right? If so, don't blame me."With that, Steve took out his phone from his pocket, dialed a number, and dialed. On the other end of the line came a man's voice: "What's wrong, Steve?"Steve heard this voice and smiled a scary smile, he replied, "Nacer, there's something for you to do.""Job?" On the other end of the line, Nacer confusedly asked: “How? Did someone touch you?""Right!"“Hahaha… who has eyes like that? Dare to touch Steve, the son of the CEO of a big company." Nacer said while laughing becau
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Chapter 7: What Will Make Kent Regret Before He Dies
What Will Make Kent Peace Regret Before He DiesWhile everyone who knows Kent is still trying to get rid of it, or more accurately, they are thinking about how to get close to his now huge fortune, that poor guy is still working. sit still in the car. Kent suddenly realized it was his own real car. His first car was a rickety old sedan that his father had left him before he died with his mother. After that, it followed him for a while until old age came upon its chassis. When Kent goes to work, earns money, meets Ann Reed quickly, only to have to buy a new car for her. In the end, she returned Kent's love by climbing into bed with that damn Steve. Kent bitterly blamed himself for not buying a car early. He hesitated and hesitated with all his intentions just to serve and devote to Ann Reed's needs. Kent pushed his hair back, lowering the bonnet to let the summer breezes of Long Island's ocean flavor caress
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Chapter 8: Start the journey
It's been a long time since Kent hasn't heard the name Kent Peace. It was like a secret teenage shame he wanted to bury. It was in the early years of high school, when Kent used to hang out on the street with his random friends, and then accidentally met a bunch of hippies. They enlightened Kent in the most monstrous way. They injected a pubescent kid like Kent into the head with thoughts beyond his age. Originally, Kent was supposed to be with his friends sneaking his parents through Playboy magazine, but young Kent had another choice. Kent began to rekindle the idea of ​​​​becoming a cultural nomad, dreaming all sorts of things about a peaceful world. He calls himself Kent Peace only to be locked in the bathroom by the bullies at school all night. The climax was that his image was made fun of for the whole school without a teacher protecting him, nor any friends daring to stand by him. Kent Peace fell, died in despair and left behind a 'will' 7 Things Kent Peace Will Regret Before
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Ronald's figure is somewhat smaller than Kent's, but it is quite easy for him to help him out of the house. Looking at Kent now is like a bulky sandbag but no strength at all. Ron secretly pitied Kent's plight. He arbitrarily put his hands in his pants pockets, pulled out the car keys and placed him neatly in the co-driver's seat. Kent hummed his thanks like a groan. At this moment, he didn't have any other words to say to him. Ronald stepped into the car, every posture, every gesture looked extremely familiar with Kent's car. He felt like he understood it better than he did. Ron's eyes accidentally met Kent's surprised expression, he smiled and explained that this job exposes him to a lot of upper-class people, so getting acquainted with high-class cars is always important. one of your standards of service. After listening to Kent, he praised Ronald for being too professional. He suddenly recalled the image from earlier when he attacked Nacer and the others, he was both amazed and
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Chapter 10: Rika
Suddenly Kent's diary fell out of the cabinet. Nacer picked it up, frowning at the sight of it. Steve was so impatient now, he kept mumbling in his mouth: "Maybe it's hiding somewhere."“I think otherwise.” Nacer pushed the diary in front of Steve. The last page of the diary popped up and Steve had a strange feeling of doubt: “You mean…”“When people are dying, they tend to do foolish things.” Nacer smiled. Nacer tells Steve that what he needs is money and what he needs is Ronald's life. Up until now, he had never lost to anyone else in a duel. The defeat that Ron threw at Nacer's face was such a huge psychological shock that he couldn't stop hurting. He must take revenge at all costs so that he can save his fragile soul. Steve turned to look at Nacer with a rather suspicious look: “Is it true that all of you were knocked out by one bodyguard? This… is a bit of a surprise to me. Do you need to go to the hospital or
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