Chapter 2709 Our Enemies May Try

Chapter 2709 Our Enemies May Try

As agreed, Alan and Sofia used Josias’s yacht to travel on their honeymoon.

Josias, in turn, asked Alan to learn how to use the vessel to ensure that he returned home just as Everaldo had prophesied.

At a dinner given by the Vasquez family, Erasmo snorted in disdain as he cut into a piece of lamb loin seasoned with Indian spices, “Humph! You guys take the negative words of an unknown guy seriously. Just trust in God, everyone.”

“But Everaldo is an envoy of the Lord,” Melissa replied.

Olivia lowers her head so she doesn’t get caught giggling.

Josias raised an eyebrow. “I don’t think you called us here to criticize Everaldo, did you?”

“Did you manage to talk to him, Josias?” Erasmo appears not to have heard Josias.

“No. When the bride and groom came down from the altar, he disappeared just like the rain of rice.” Josias sighed impatiently. It seems that the conversation he has always wanted to have with Everaldo since 1981 will never materialize.

“It’s a
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