The Chaotic Bazillionaire

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The Chaotic Bazillionaire

By: Renglassi CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Talon lost his memories after a gastly fatal accident and he finds a new home, although works as a personal guard for the Ontario family's daughter, of whom he falls in love with, but that is cut short by his mother in law, when their relationship is exposed and his life and that of everyone he knew is endangered, he is kicked to the extreme, swearing his revenge but later, it gets more interesting when he recovers his memories only to discover that he is the only heir to the richest man in the world and is the only chaotic Bazillionaire alive.


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60 chapters
Chapter 01
Ding!I beeped the doorbell as I licked on my lips, wetting it seductively while waiting to greet the heir to one of the richest families in the world as I pocketed the condom I had in my hand.The mansion was always extremely cold so I was always in the mood to mingle.Then I beeped at Claudia's door again, waiting for her response and she finally lets her door open.I got in to see her in her nighties."Greetings." I greeted her thinking of how gorgeously looking she was in her night wear."Talon." She called as I ignored her, while pushing in the tire enhanced tray into the room, arranging it by her bedside before I turned to leave the bedroom, since I definitely wasn't her gist mate."You know it's not my fault that I am contracted to marry Edward." She said as she held my hand."I need to leave now." I said looking into her beautiful sparkling Hazel eyes."Do you even love me?" She asked, getting emotional as she held my arm."I do, but we need to stop this Claudia.'"I will prot
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Chapter 02
Talons - [P.O.V]So this was how I would die? With nothing to offer to my family that really needed me.I felt like I had failed them.I cried as I closed my eyes waiting for my death."Fire!" She commands."Wait! Wait! Wait! Okay, I would marry Antonio mum, please just spare him." Claudia shouted in tears as she held her mother's legs in pain."Don't take his life, I will marry Antonio." She bitterly cried as she held onto her mother's legs."You would marry him?" She asked."Yes, if you let Talon go." Claudia cried more."I really need this job ma." I begged back as Claudia turned to look at me surprised that I probably dared to still want to stay."Oh really." Madam Lilith said, taking a step towards me."You want me to forgive you so that you can ruin the future of my family business?" She asked me as she held onto my bloody jaw."No ma'am." I murmured back."You're fired!" She said with her eyes digging into my poor soul before she threw my face roughly away from her.Those words
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Chapter 03
Talon's - [P.O.V]He landed a heavy punch over Mr. Edward's face.Mr. Edward fell to the ground bleeding from his nose.He broke his nose."Don't you ever hurt her, she is my mother." Evan threatened before a security man came to beat him up."You and your entire family will regret that with your lives." Edward threatens back.I rushed into the scene, protecting Evan.I fought back using my energy but the men were too much."Evan, protect our mother." I said to him and he headed to her.The security men began beating me thoroughly."Please don't take my son's life." She cried watching as they kept beating me like an animal."Ah!" She cried holding her chest."Ha!" She begins to choke for air."Heart attack." Evan cries out, holding her."It's about to rain, throw them out!" Madam Lilith orders as they carry us, throwing us out from the gate.I managed to pick my mother up.She needed the hospital now.I placed her over my back as I ran through the estate's slippery road with Evan, as
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Chapter 04
Talon's - [P.O.V]I flew through the air, crashing to the ground.I was hit by a speeding truck.My head kept ringing with a whining sound, as I began to remember a past accident that had happened to me years ago and that had also caused me to lose all my memories.The truck driver rushed to help me, but then I got up limping in pain before forcing myself to keep running again.Tears flooded my eyes to recall that I have been through all this because I have no money.I recalled all the humiliations and embarrassments I went through while growing up."Worthless Fool!" Madam Lilith's voice echoed through my head as I kept running non stop."Lowly scoundrel!""You will never be rich enough for Claudia!""Stop dreaming, you're a failure."I held my head with my hand crying in pain as I ran further more."Him and his entire family are all indeed sick, look at them, dirty rat things!" The voice said.Tears rolled out from my eyes."Filthy poor dirty animal!" "I will end you and bury you wi
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Chapter 05
Talon's - [P.O.V]My phone rings again.It's my mother's doctor.I picked."Hello." I picked the call."I wanted to tell you that If you can't get the $15,000 to buy for her blood transfusion, then you should get someone with a blood type - O - to visit the hospital to donate the blood for her." She said to me and Evan looked at me."You are a blood type O... Go now, I'll be fine, don't worry I won't sleep." he said looking at me."Wait Talon, promise me that no matter what happens, you will be strong and make it in life, so all these people will pay." He said as he placed his palm over my cheeks."I promise, just wait for me, I will get help for you." I said to him as I ran into the hospital like a mad man."Somebody please help, my brother... He is out there." I called for help and a few nurses followed me.As soon as I reached outside.I felt strange.It felt like he was no longer with me.I looked at Evan before I reached him.I grabbed Evan into myself as I looked at him.And my
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Chapter 06
Talons - [P.O.V]I tried to open my eyes."Where was he found?" I heard a strong female voice ask someone else."He was found almost dead on a main road ma, before he was rushed to the hospital by me." A man replied to her question."And doctor, are you sure that he is my son?" The same strong female voice asked."Yes ma, we did over five blood tests on him and it matches that of your missing son, he is your flesh and blood." Another male said as I heard footsteps approaching me.My eyes finally cleared, staring at them.I could see a motherly looking hot woman in a red suit with her hair held in the air and a gold plated hair clipper over it.She was looking back at me so intensely with a doctor in white staring right into my eyes as well."Why am I here?" I asked."I can't believe it, my son is alive." She said as I struggled to get up from the bed wondering what they were talking about."He is awake now." The doctor added."You, you saved me." I said to another man standing by the
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Chapter 07
Talon's - [P.O.V]As soon as I had gotten in."Shut it!" I shouted and the hospital security man slammed the glass door closed, locking it."Call 911." Mr Gunner said to the security man as bullets punctured through the bulletproof glass door, over and over again."This was definitely unexpected." Mr. Gunner said.I looked at the people shooting.I couldn't believe krus wanted to kill me.We were childhood friends.When did it come to all these?"I knew it! it should be from the family, I guess this is how they wish to extend their greetings." My mother said before I interrupted."No, these people are after me, their gang is a familiar one, they want something back." I was saying before my mother looked at me."What is that?" She asked."A bomb." I said to her."A bomb?" She asked surprised."Does this look like a good time to joke?" She blasted before letting out a frustrated smile."We need to leave here as soon as possible." Mr. Gunner advices looking at both I and my mum."Well ho
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Chapter 08
Talons - [P.O.V]I got up on my feet.Before a lady walks into the house."My humble greetings." She greets me and I turn to see this lovely hot beautiful looking lady.I was stunned while staring at her.She looks at me before her eyes drag themselves downwards, looking at my striped clothes revealing my abs before she looks at my buldge.I could tell she was already craving for me to bang her… if only she knew the monster I had down there, maybe she would think twice."Oh miss Ella, you look gorgeous." Mr. Gunner praises standing next to me.She looks at the broken flat screen tv concerned."Why is she here?" I asked cleaning my tears."I am called Miss Ella." She smiled back."I am Erasons incorporated presidential manager and I am here to brief you on you taking over Erasons general office as the Central executive officer." She said seriously looking at me."Thank you Ella." I said as I bounced so seductively towards her.I soon reached closer to her.Her eyes staring straight int
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Chapter 09
Talons - [P.O.V]I was still watching the video.My lips slightly opened in surprise."My son." Bona cries falling on his knees.I turned to look at Mr. Gunner in rage.Did he just order for their deaths without my permission?"Mr. Gunner." I called him like a demon.He notices my erupting rage before he walks towards me and whispers in my ears, before standing back beside me and I smiled.I was begining to love this man called Mr. Gunner.The holographic video shows Bona's son and Krus's mother getting back up on their feets."Look at me Carefully." I said starring at them."I am the wrath and wicked chaos of God in human form!" I shouted at them and they all began to go to their knees in return, throwing their weapons away as I looked at them."Tell me, who is your king!?" I roared."Talon!" They all called my name at once."You should stop crying krus, you know, funny enough, I am sure this revenge tastes like the water of the toy gun that you gave me to protect myself that day, yo
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Chapter 10
Talon's - [P.O.V]I starred at him shocked."How could you... Why?" I asked him."Today you will meet your end." He said with a smile.The goat was even copying my devilish smile."Fire then, finish me." I said as I spread my hand apart."End me!" I yelled at him.He walked closer to me.Pointed the gun to my forehead and fired.Water splashes over my face as I stared at him."I knew it was a fake." I said to him as we bursted out a hot laugh holding the staircase as we laughed together."Ha-ha- Enough!" I ordered."Young master." He said with a bow. I turned and headed into my room.I closer my eyes and the next thing... It alarms.I had slept eight hours already.I got up from my bed, refreshing my body afterwards.I came out of the toilet naked to see him standing in the room and he maintains his eyes at mine."Greetings young master, this is your disguise wear, which I was able to get.'' he said, dropping a torn cloth over the bed."What?" I asked surprised."You want me to put o
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