Chapter 2818 Expected Result

Felipe was released from the hospital. Daryl wanted to make this a national celebration.

The doctor was confused as he announced, “Mr. Mountain, you don’t need to be worried. Felipe is a strong man and will come out of this. It’s not like he’s been through a big ordeal.”

“Ah, doctor, when your son manages to survive a gunshot, you’ll understand me.”

“I think so. God bless your family.” The doctor smiled and waved goodbye.

Felipe was standing, wearing civilian clothes, more flushed and cheerful. “Thank you, doctor!”

Maggie was also emotional. “Well, the ordeal is over. We need a little party. How about the penthouse?”

“Absolutely. There’s room for everyone there.” Kelvin rubs his hands.

“Invite Caroline. She was here, worried about me.” Felipe promptly decided.

Daryl lost some of his joy. “Son, I think we should celebrate in Victoria’s safety. Your mother is anxious.”

“Call her here,” Felipe responded practically.

“The restaurant can’t be left, son.” Daryl scratched the back of his hea
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