105. Macy rode to the address and it took her roughly forty minutes and that meant that she was there before time. She had a few minutes to spare but what meant that she had time to survey the property and maybe get a hang of it.

The address she had been given was an abandoned factory. It looked like it was once a paper factory since there was a lot of empty pulp drums lying around empty and all dried up.

She went inside the old and dirty premises and it was all quiet.

The only sound she could hear was the sound of her boots connecting with the floor softly.

She knew the silent foot and she thus walked silently and she could only hear the sound of the boots because she had a trained ear.

The silent foot was where one would walk silently no matter the size of their feet or the type of shoes one was wearing. It called for one lightening their legs and making the torso carry most of the weight.

This is achieved by bending outwards at an angle of seventy five degrees and then projecting t
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