Burning with vengeance: The runaway heir

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Burning with vengeance: The runaway heir

By: Redbutterfly OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Richard Williams hides for five years. He is running away from his life as an assassin and the heir of the dragon empire. He gets married to Cassy Parker but at the end of the day, all he had fought to create crumbles. To save his daughter's life, he agrees to go back to his family and take over the family empire. His soul burns with vengeance which consumes him entirely. He won't rest until all those who wronged him taste his wrath.

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  • AkiLucky AkiLucky


    captured my attention from the first chapter and continues to hold it! hard to put the book down

    2023-07-14 22:39:06
  • Bella Starr


    Loving the book :) I can't wait for next chapters!

    2023-05-11 23:46:10
  • Christine Williams


    This book is great, when will there be updates???

    2024-02-02 23:42:38
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112 chapters
Wedding anniversary
The sun was scorching hot as summer was finally here. The streets of LA however were filled with cars hooting and overtaking each other, passengers walking on the pathways as everyone busied themselves with their businesses. Richard navigated his bike before branching and driving his old delivery bike to promise dishes where he worked as a delivery guy and a waiter.He had just parked his bike and retrieved his delivery box when the voice of his boss called from inside." What are you doing standing there? Hurry up and help me." The lady bellowed, sending him a glare his way before strolling Inside the small eatery.Although Mrs Clark, his boss, has always been overly harsh on him, she was the only person willing to hire him even with his disability.Limping his way to the cafe, he started taking orders from the already impatient customers and did his best to attend to their needs.Although the eatery was not always Parked, it was different at this time of the day considering that it
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Cassy visits
The attention of most of the customers was now on Richard after they heard the woman's claims.Turning around, Richard cursed inwardly. Of all places, why would he run into Selina Williams here? She is his wife's best friend and gas always sought ways to embarrass Richard infront of his wife. She never fails to remind Cassy of what a huge mistake she made by marrying a loser like him.Richard has always stomached all insults in the fear of confronting her and getting into a beef with Cassy who seemed more protective of her friends than him.Actually, Selena's words could not be considered wrong. Compared to the Prestigious Parker family, he was nothing but a pauper. He was a disabled man and on top of that he was poor with no family whatsoever so he definitely knew more than anyone that he didn't deserve her. He met Cassy and the two of them fell in love. Although others warned Cassy about marrying him, she still went ahead with their marriage and lived happily together. That's until
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divorce agreement
The moment those words left Richard's mouth, he regretted it almost immediately. He didn't want to bring up the matter about William Carter to Cassy but after she served him the divorce papers, he could not think straight anymore. Actually, Richard had spotted his wife accompanying William Carter to dine in fancy hotels. He never brought that matter up because he didn't want to suspect his wife for cheating on him.He thought if he ignored everything and behaved like he was oblivious to everything, Cassy would eventually go home to him and their daughter.His wife's family didn't fail to rub in his face the fact that Cassy deserved someone better like William Carter. He was a second generation heir to the Carter family.The Carter family could be considered a second tier family in Los Angeles while the Parker family was a third tier family.Richard was aware of the fact that William Carter was interested in his wife and was blatantly pursuing her.Seeing the divorce papers, he finally
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Seeking help from the Parker family
The following morning, Richard prepared his daughter for school. Melvin said nothing apart from a good morning to his father. She was dull, paired with her pale skin from the fever last night. Looking at his daughter, a pang of pain and guilt hit him. He should never have let Cassy into the house last night. If she didn't step foot in the house, his daughter would not be heartbroken by the words her mother said about her.After dropping Melvin to school, Richard headed to the eatery where he worked.He helped Mrs Clark with cleaning and preparing the dishes and delivered a few take aways ordered by clients.It was about noon when his cellphone rang indicating that he had an incoming call. He ignored it at first thinking that it was Cassy calling. He didn't have the strength to argue with her nor had he thought about signing the divorce papers.The phone rang again, almost immediately. Groaning, he wiped his hands clean with his working apron before slipping his hands to his pants poc
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The dragon empire
Richard smiled faintly. At the end, she could not wait to kick him and his daughter away from her life.He didn't need to think about what his answer would be. He would choose his daughter in a heartbeat.He finally realised that there was no longer Cassy and him anymore and that only his daughter could stick to him no matter what. She was his priority." Alright, I'll sign the divorce papers. Make sure to wire the money to the hospital immediately." Richard said, turned around, climbed his bike and went home.The divorce papers will be delivered to him the following day and he will sign it as long as his daughter can get the treatment she needs. He no longer saw the need to fight for an already wrecked ship. Since she wanted them out of her life, he will take his daughter away after she is treated.Richard arrived at his neighbourhood and parked his bike then made his way to his house.When he touched the lock of his house, he felt something was amiss. He was immediately on alert as
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Double Crossed
The following morning, a man dressed in a suit delivered a parcel to Richard. He identified him as one of the bodyguards of the Parker family. After collecting it, he walked to his bedroom and opened the parcel. Inside it was the divorce papers and without reading, he signed them. Richard didn't need to read anything, he had already made up his mind to cut ties with Cassy He didn't need to read to know that Cassy would not include any clause about the child, if anything, she would state that the two of them disappear from her life.She didn't need to say that again, he would get lost and start a new life with his daughter far away from Cassy and the Parker family.After signing the papers, he carried them and made his way to the hospital. He found his daughter still asleep and the doctor said that they induced her with a drug to keep her asleep. She was weak and in pain and no painkiller seemed to work on her." Mr Williams, you have to hurry up. We don't have time to wait. Your dau
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The surgery
Richard picked himself up and staggered towards the gate. The old lady had even ordered his bike be confiscated. Now, he had nothing to even take him back to his daughter. When he thought about his daughter and how the doctor informed him that her life was in danger,a lone tear escaped his eyes.He could not believe that Cassy would do that to him, to their daughter.She was her blood and flesh for crying out loud and even if she didn't want to see Melvin and him around her, she could have at least tried saving the little girl's life.His poor daughter, what wrong did she do to be born by such a heartless woman? What did he even see in that woman in the first place? Richard could not help but ask himself.He had to admit though that the Cassy he met and fell in love with five years ago was different from the woman he saw a minute ago. She completely changed. What changed her? He didn't know and at this point he didn't want to know anymore. Since they have already severed ties with he
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New beginning.
Three hours later, the green light at the operation room was switched off indicating the surgery just came to an end. Richard, who had been standing anxiously outside the room, walked to the doctor once the door was opened." Doctor, how is my daughter now?" His voice was on edge and you could feel that he was worried.The doctor smiled at him." Don't worry, the surgery was a success. We will have to keep her here for a few more days to observe how she responds to the transplant." He replied before walking away." Thank you Doctor Smith for coming here with the shortest notice." Michael said, extending his arm to the doctor who shook it." Anything for my old man. I presume the little angel is the granddaughter of Drake?" Doctor Smith asked and Michael nodded.After bidding goodbye to the doctor, Michael made his way to the room where the little girl was wheeled to. Richard was seated next to her bed, clutching on her little frail hands like she was the only air he needed to breathe.
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Back home
9. "Brother! Brother! I missed you so much! Where have you been? You left me alone to deal with father and... Oh my God! Is this my niece?" Asher asked as he went to pick Melvin. "Don't touch my daughter. I don't want her to wake up and get scared by your ugly face," Richard said as he held Melvin well in his arms. "Come on brother. I have held it all down for you and the least I deserve is to hold my niece. Bring her here," Ash added as he went to take the child who was peacefully sleeping. "Be careful," Richard said as he handed the child carefully to his little brother. "Why is Asher so childish? You still spoil him?" Richard asked Michael who was walking beside him towards the GMC-Hummer MV that was waiting for them with its doors open. "Young master, who exactly spoiled second young master if not you? He is always your baby, isn't he?" Michael asked and Richard scoffed. They had just landed in Washington DC Airport and we're on their way to the mansion. Asher and Richard
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Find my daughter
10. "So, what you are saying is the Dragon Empire isn't willing to collaborate with us?" A man seated opposite Richard asked. They were in Grand Hotel in the heart of Washington. This man, Brutus Bane, was the leader and some heir of the Lion House. They were among the top tier families in DC and they really wanted to join hands together with the Armstrong family especially after Richard came back. "Listen, I have explained this so many times but since you seem to be hard of understanding, I will explain it again. The Dragon Empire isn't involved in dark business anymore. I want to make sure that we are in the clear and that is why I am doing away with anything that is illegal. But you, the Lions, are as dirty as it gets. So, that's why, I, Zeus, can't partner with you," Richard said slowly as if he was educating a child on the basics of the alphabet. "Does your father know this?" Brutus asked now losing his patience. "Wanna try to see if he does? It's me in charge and five ye
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