Chap 168 : Please Come back, Sir

"We're sorry, your future child cannot be saved. Mrs. Jesslyn's condition is also still not improving, she is still in a critical condition and will have to be admitted into the ICU after this. This is because she was brought to the hospital too late, and the patient has already lost a lot of blood."

The doctor's explanation was like a sledgehammer hitting Joe's heart. He sat down, then covered his face. Not long after, there was a numb voice. The man was crying, because he had to get such a painful fact when his life was already on top.

Joe didn't expect that this painful thing could happen to him. And this time he couldn't do anything but wait for his wife's condition to improve.

"Joe." Rosetta approached her son-in-law and put her hand on his shoulder as a form of transferring strength and encouragement.

Honestly, in the deepest corner of her heart, Rosetta felt very guilty for having to lie about the real reason for Jesslyn's fall. However, she was forced to do this so that Zac
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