The Billionaire's Supremacy

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The Billionaire's Supremacy

By: Butter Cookies Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Edward's life fell apart after his fiancée betrayed him and her family disowned him. Just when he thought it couldn't get any worse, he discovered that his grandfather had been murdered, and he was next on the hit list. But fate had something else in store for him. The Domination System appeared before him, promising to transform him into an unstoppable force that could conquer the world. Will he succumb to the lure of power, or will he use it to exact his revenge and save himself from certain doom? Dive into the action-romance-packed pages of "The Billionaire's Supremacy" and find out!


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83 chapters
Part 1
"Hey, Edward! Come and clean up Rusty's poop!" Camille Westbrook screamed after discovering her beloved cat, Rusty, had a pile of poop under her chair."Wait a minute, Auntie. I'm doing the dishes."Camille looked furious, and she yelled again, "Do you have room temperature IQ? The smell will spread if you don't clean it up soon!"In another room, a 23-year-old man sighed. He left his unfinished work and headed for the living room.This man was Edward Windsor. Even though he was the future son-in-law of the Westbrook family, he was treated badly. Even his fiancé, Emily Westbrook, never thought he existed."Hurry up! Don't you know how to be useful?" Camille was Emily's mother. She was the one who was most against her daughter's engagement. If not for her father's order, Camille would have kicked Edward out long ago.On the other hand, Edward gave a forced smile. Camille herself remained seated reading the newspaper while Edward cleaned the poop near her feet."Mom, where's Edward?" A
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Part 2
Edward could not believe what he was seeing. He had never seen such a huge amount of money before in his life. He tried to calm himself down and think logically. Was this some sort of prank or scam? But as he looked at the Domination System screen in front of him, he could not deny the reality of the situation.Suddenly, another message appeared on the screen.[Ding! Obtaining 9 Domination Points.][Congratulations on receiving the initial prize. You can use the Domination Points to enhance your abilities or purchase various items.]Edward's mind started racing as he thought about what he could do with all this wealth and power. He knew that he had to be careful and not attract too much attention. But first, he had to be sure of something."System, can you keep this a secret? I don't want anyone else to know about this." Edward said this in the quietest voice he could.[Only you can see and hear the Domination System.]Edward breathed a sigh of relief. He knew that if anyone found out
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Part 3
Everyone was startled. Since Edward entered the store, the atmosphere became quieter, so everyone could hear what he was saying."Excuse me, sir, but could you repeat your order?"Edward glanced at the girl's nametag. It had the name Brenda written on it. "Brenda, right? I only have two minutes, so I hope you can get to work as quickly as possible."Once again, Brenda glanced at Emma, and after getting her approval, Brenda immediately asked another employee to collect Edward's order."I'm sorry, sir, but you'll likely have to wait for a few minutes. Is this okay?"Edward nodded, then turned around and spoke to Emma, "You see? I have absolutely no intention of stalling."However, before Emma could respond, Misha interjected in a rather loud voice, "I don't know where your confidence comes from, but seeing how dirty you are, you must have been beaten so badly that your brain has lost its sanity. But now that I think about it, the Westbrook Family would be happy if you ended up in jail."
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Part 4
Emily shook her head. "No, I don't think so. Grandpa wouldn't do something like that without telling us.""Then, how did he get that much money? It must be from some illegal activities. That brat is no good, I always knew it," Camille said, pacing back and forth in the living room."Shall I call William and see what can be done?"Camille nodded in agreement. "I almost forgot that I have a very rich future son-in-law. Quick, call him now.""Okay."Meanwhile, Edward was in a three-star hotel room. He chose this place because it was very close to the Shennan boutique. After taking a quick shower and getting dressed in his new clothes, Edward looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. Edward felt good, and his clothes was perfectly tailored. His hair was still slightly damp but otherwise he had perfect posture. "Looks like I'm ready to own a luxurious house," Edward thought to himself as he grabbed his wallet and headed out of the hotel.Edward arrived at the Poseidon Club and was imme
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Part 5
Edward turned his head and saw his new friend, James, walking towards him. Edward felt a surge of relief wash over him as he realized that he might have a way out of this dangerous situation."James, thank God you're here. Do you have a silver membership card for the Poseidon Club?" Edward asked, his body still shaking slightly.James nodded and pulled out a silver card from his pocket. "I do. But why do you need it?"Edward quickly explained the situation to James, and James' expression turned serious as he listened.On the other hand, everyone was shocked when they found out that Edward's friend was James Hurley, the future heir to the legendary Hurley family. Even for William and Harold, their faces turned as pale as white paper at this time.On the one hand, William came from the wealthy Green family, whereas Harold was the head of the Shennan family who was respected everywhere he went. But when compared to the Hurley family, William and Harold had no other choice but to be humble
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Part 6
Edward just smiled and said nothing. He did not want to speak carelessly before building up enough pseudo-background.A minute later, the payment was successful, and Kieran rushed off to take care of the house papers after exchanging phone numbers with Edward.[Ding! Mission completed. Congratulations! You obtained 10 Domination Points and an advanced Healing Touch Skill.]This time, Edward had prepared himself. He knew that the System notification would ring in his mind. However, the Healing Touch Skill completely amazed him. If the ability of this skill matched his prediction, would not he become the greatest doctor in the world? This skill was simply too heaven-defying!Edward tried his best to hide his excitement. It was undeniable that the first thing on his mind was to cure Emily's grandfather, but Edward felt the need to sort out a few things first.Because this transaction took place in front of the reception desk, Edward finally got his membership card. In York city, Edward b
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Part 7
Brenda's mind was filled with various thoughts. Edward was rich, and he was quite handsome. She should be happy that a man like Edward took an interest in her. It's just that the current situation was different from before. Someone like Edward would not hurt her family like those people.For now, Brenda was not uninterested in Edward, but she did not want to be seen as a gold digger. "Mr Edward, can you give me 3 months? If I still can't pay, then... then... I will agree to whatever you ask."Edward realized something only after hearing that answer. He laughed before replying, "Sorry, I guess my words were too ambiguous. What I meant was, I want you to work for me, and I will give you forty thousand dollars a month. Are you interested?"Brenda had a hard time believing her ears. Forty thousand dollars a month? That's a year's salary at Shennan's Boutique!"Why... why are you doing all this?" Brenda was of course delighted, but she also knew that Edward seemed to have other intentions t
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Part 8
George shook his head. "I don't know who did it, but I have a suspicion.""What is it?""The person who killed your grandfather was most likely from the Poseidon Club."Edward's expression turned cold when he reminded of Harold Shennan's actions, where that old man dared to threaten him in front of the crowd."What exactly is this Poseidon Club?" Edward asked.George appeared lost in thought, gazing up at the ceiling as if recalling events from a distant past. "The Poseidon Club may have a clean public reputation, but it's actually a secretive organization that has been around for decades. They have significant influence behind the scenes, manipulating the government, the economy, the media, you name it. They operate according to their own set of rules, and those who violate them will face serious consequences."Edward felt a sinking feeling in his chest. If what George said was true, then the person who killed his grandfather was not just an ordinary criminal, but someone who had imm
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Part 9
With a contorted expression of disgust, Jacob directed his attention towards Edward. "Who are you? Can't you see we're having a private conversation? Get out!"Edward's tone grew more intense as he responded, "Private conversation? That's not a private conversation. That's sexual harassment!""I'm not trying to force myself on anyone. I'm just suggesting a way for her to pay for the dress she ruined," Jacob replied, his tone becoming defensive."That's bullshit and you know it.""Enough! You don't know who you're messing with, kid. I can make your life a living hell." Jacob thought that Edward was one of the boutique's employees so he was not afraid at all.Edward straightened his posture, focusing his gaze on Jacob. "I dare you to try me."Jacob stepped forward, his face inches from Edward's. "You're making a big mistake, kid. You have no idea who you're dealing with. Security! Come here!"Suddenly, the sound of footsteps echoed through the hallway. A stunning and well-dressed woman e
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Part 10
The current mission was not particularly challenging, so Edward was not inclined to seek assistance. However, he was curious if the System would offer guidance upon request. If it did, he could utilize the System's guidance to his advantage.[Ding! The System suggest that you explore the option of investing in entertainment venues on vacant land. This strategy offers several advantages worth considering.]Intrigued, Edward asked for further details, asking the System to explain the potential benefits of this type of investment.[Ding! To begin with, building a new structure on an empty plot would offer total privacy about the building's design and purpose. Second, owning the establishment will enhance your reputation more than acquiring an existing company. Third, the entertainment industry will provide opportunities to network with high-profile individuals. Fourth, it will serve as a platform to display your wealth and influence, granting you access to valuable insider knowledge, whi
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