Chapter 4

When I finished the crossing, facing with both legs towards the cabin in front of me, I noticed how tense my muscles were and I tried to relax, without much success. Now he was two cabins away from the door. The body of the last girl—the only one, in fact, dead—was just outside the door of the last cabin. I intended to get down and go out the door, but I soon understood that the idea would be flawed: the upper part of his body was leaning against the cabin door, which would make it difficult to open it without making noises. How much time would I have from the moment I attracted the attention of the creature Sarah? Seconds?

It needed to be something faster.

I risked slowly crawling closer to the edge in order to look at the floor. In front of the partition of the last cabins was the body drowned in a pool of blood, making it impossible to make a jump to the floor without the risk of losing balance. I looked again at the monster that until now seemed not to have noticed my presence, wi
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