Tale of the Devil Raiser

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Tale of the Devil Raiser

By: loveforever OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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What is a devil raiser? They always hide themselves in the dark so as not to affect the ordinary ones' life. The only thing we know about them is the job mentioned clearly in the name: devil raisers, which means ‘people who raise the devils’. Xavier, a young man, who started working as a devil raiser at the age of fifteen, will lead you to the world of devil raisers, where talent is a curse, love is always suffering, sun is death, and hope is trying to bloom in the deepest valley of despair.

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  • Harriet Ifeanyi


    it's wonderful, captures your interest right from the beginning. I absolutely love it!!

    2021-11-12 15:33:08
  • Kajal Haripersad


    Interesting story idea, definitely different from anything I've ever read. The beginning could use a bit more context and structure to not confuse the reader, but liking it so far

    2021-12-08 04:08:19
  • Jefferson Malone


    I love the uniqueness of the book, and the story line is seemingly very interesting. But the beginning is very confusing, I suggest if that is fixed the story would be more attractive.

    2021-12-11 18:58:05
  • Aurielle


    Very interesting concept, I like the lore behind the story.

    2021-11-14 04:04:39
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25 chapters
Chapter 1
ARC ONE: Possessed, Obsessed, Blessed   Everyone in Ho Chi Minh City knew about a famous high school for geniuses only, where they could participate in many national and international science competitions. They were well-known to such an extent that their annual entrance examinations became “bloody” wars that every student tried their best to survive. And as a result, those students usually won the first prize, appeared on television, and became the ones that your mother called “the neighbor’s children”. Le Hong Phong High School for The Gifted. I didn't know whether this school's devil was gifted, and due to the need for an extremely strong devil, I broke into this school as the final student left there to turn the page on the chapter in my career. “Anne, this is the male devil that you told me?” Standing in one school yard’s dark corner, I gaped at a black smoke floating in front of myself and asked Anne. <
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Chapter 2
After listening to the self-confident declaration of a soul whom I thought of being unable to speak, I just wanted to sleep for a while.I suddenly realized that I wasn't conscious enough to understand what I had just heard. What did he just say? A devil could convert into three types of weapons? It was my dream for seven years repeatedly, not the real
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Chapter 3
Actually, I had never thought that Pham Phuong Chi studied in this school.And frankly speaking, I had forgotten her for about two years, and if “gentle devil” didn't remind me about this ordinary girl, I would thoroughly obliterate her from my memory.Read more
Chapter 4
After successfully clawing at me, my haunted fiancée started attacking as she prepared to kill me. She used her claws fluently, continuously glided over my body and I couldn't help but always step backward, due to my painful and bleeding left eye.When she easily cut through a concrete column that I had just stood one second ago with her extremely dang
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Chapter 5
“As usual?” Anne's serious voice resounded strangely inside my head as a sign showing that she was focused on the mission.I squinted at the blurred figure struggling to get free from my fiery cage, and then I nodded silently before gearing up for rushing at the cage. “Of course.”

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Chapter 6
There was one fact that you might not know, that the feeling when being possessed by your own devil was absolutely superb. You didn't have to move your body, just looked at your body acting without your control to protect yourself.“I know what you're thinking, master.” Anne abruptly surprised me with her dreary voice.

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Chapter 7
“Release!” In spite of my dumbfoundedness, I was instantly raised and opened my hand as I saw the shower of sparks falling down to the ground.No matter what they were, they were designed just to destroy anything. So that they were all harmful to living creatures, they would keep burning and cannot be smothered as any other normal fire. And as a result
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Chapter 8
The crescent moon rose over my head. Its gentle light shone through thick clouds and left some glowing spots on the burning ground, making one feel that the moon itself ignited all this area.I stood in the middle, outstretching my hand for those sparks coming back. All of them glowed in the night's silence, flying slowly as innumerable harmless firefl
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Chapter 9
“Master! What are you doing?” Anne shouted inside my mind right after the incantation. And when I looked at the space inside my mind, I could see her, nervously grabbing my clothes and staring at me to find an answer, “That's fatal!”“Keep calm, Anne.” I slowly unraveled her fingers grabbing my clothes, one by one. But that girl still stubbornly hinder
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Chapter 10
“You exist in this school for years, scaring everyone, till the day that haunted girl came and asked you for help,” reported me, without hesitation.God knew what I had just watched from those two devils' memories. A plan to commit a homicide and I was the victim, although I had just come back to this city about a week ago.

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