The Second Five

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The Second Five

By: Amazing OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Claire got possessed by an old demon caged in a white house by five friends that were having some fun. Egron, the demon that possessed the little Claire began to kill the first five friends that awakened him. Jake, who new how everything started, gathered another five friends including himself, to stop Egron's wrath. The second avoided school and hunting demon became their duty, meanwhile, Egron kills anyone who stands on his way.

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14 chapters
The First Catch
Elsa heard a knock on the door while she is busy watching the dishes“Mom someone is at the door” she said loudly and kept cleaning the dishes.The knock came more loudly again and again and Elsa groaned. She peeped into the dinning, rubbing off the foams on her hands with a rag.When she noticed that nobody is at the dinning, she headed towards the door, packing her hair with a yellow bow,“Mom?” she called again as she was walking to the door.“Everybody leaves without telling anybody” she sighs when she heard no reply.She opened the door and saw a girl about her sixteen with a brown uncombed hair and a sharp brown eyes standing in front of her. Elsa smiled to her and said.“Hi…dear”She was carrying a box of chocolate with both hands. Her beautiful eyes were staring steadily at Elsa’s face.“Want some chocolates?” she asked Elsa. Her hands were shaking slowly but her legs were steady, her skin is very
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Amanda is Warned
“Are you kidding me? Jane said…that Bella said that the excursion was cancelled” Amanda said and looked at Jane who looked away immediately. “What are you saying Amanda?” Fraser asked with an imperceptible scoff. Jake looked at Jane who was busy picking her index fingernail with a toothpick she saved after eating her fries. “What? It was our idea…by the way” she replied Jake and he blinked. “I said after the excursion not before the excursion” “I don’t wanna go to that dumb excursion too, I had no other choice too” Jane giggled. “Okay…what is going on here?” Amanda was confused. “Don’t be scared about what I’m about to say right now okay, just….’ “And why do I have to hear it from you Fraser? Jake what is going on here?’ “Look Amanda…..” “Look Amanda, I’m the leader in this our little adventure okay, you don’t have to disrespect your leader” “I knew you will say that, I was waiting for it” “Jane!!!” Amanda shouted and stood up from the cou
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Where is Charlie?
11:00 am, Amanda’s dad arrived home after a delivery to pick his coat in order to avoid the dangers of the cloudy weather. He opened the door slowly and walked into the quiet and empty house. He grabbed the coat which was laid on the arm of a blue plastic chair and headed towards Amanda’s room.“You home?” he asked, standing in front of the door but nobody replied. He opened the door a little and peeped inside. Amanda’s packed luggage was still on the bed.“She succeeded in cutting herself off the excursion” he chuckled and turned to leave. In front of him, he saw a very beautiful girl wearing a purple gown and a white shoe. She was staring steadily at him. Damon was startled to see such a beautiful creature standing in front of him. Damon believed that she is lost or might be one of the refugees who stay under bridges and beside road, looking for charity. But this one in particular doesn’t look like them.“Hey little girl? What are you doing here? Are you look
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Charlie is Found
On their way, David’s phone ranged. He didn’t hesitate to pick it up.“Hi mom” he said slowly. Amanda looked at him and looked away immediately.“I;m sorry about that mom”“Are you coming or not David?’ his mother asked.“I don’t think I can make it”“We are talking about your kid brother here David”“Give him the phone let me talk to him”“So that you can convince him yourself right?”“Please mom” David begged and looked at Amanda.“David” a little voice sounded through the phone.“Hi little man, how are you doing right way” he asked with a smile.“I don’t know David, I’m not sure” he replied.“Why…why Ben, is anything wrong?”“You said we will go to the park together and also to the pool for a swim” Ben said slowly but they all heard it.“Ben…I’m…I’m really very sorry. Something came up okay…something very important and….”“More important than my birthday?” he asked and there was a silence.“David” Ben called.“I’m sorry Ben’ David hanged up the call and sighed heavily.
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Tiffany is Next
We were all coming back from a picnic we went together, having fun and snapping pictures when clair the little chocolate hawker meet us in front of the white house. She was very happy when she saw us and…and we were surprised by her stare.“Want some chocolates?” she asked us, carrying a box of chocolate on her hand. “Awww! I like her” Charlotte said, smiling to the little chocolate girl.“What? You wanna buy from her?” Lucy asked Charlotte.“Uhmm! I’mma use her for my Youtube content, she’s nice, she’ll generate more subscribers and views for me” Charlotte said, still smiling.“That’s very smart of you baby” Elsa, who was relaxing her head on my shoulder, laughed. I swear I couldn’t do anything or say anything, I just kept staring and smiling. “The little girl was dragged into the white house with the chocolate she was selling, we all went together. Charlotte was very eager to make a Youtube video with the girl because she was too beautiful and her eyes were very attract
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Tiffany's Hit
“I got to call Tiffany right away. I need to tell her to come back home’ Amanda said, bringing her phone out from her pocket.“Not home, she should come meet us instead’ Jane suggested.“Yea that’s a great idea, we all need to stick together in this for now” David added.“Yeah we should, that little clair is mean, real mean” Fraser sighs.“It’s ringing”“Okay’ Jane breathed down and stood at akimbo. Tiffany’s phone ranged while she was riding Sam on Sam’s bed and moaning.“Urrrrh, who the fuck is that?” she groaned while Sam was panting slowlyShe reached for the phone and placed it on her ears“What is it?” she asked slowly.“Where are you at Tiff?”“Mourning dad with Sam’“With Sam?” Amanda asked.“Yeah…with Sam” Tiffany replied.“Do you have anything with that?”“Get outta there, meet me at Caverton lane”“What?”“Right now Tiffany…right right now’“What do you mean by that…I said I’m with my boyfriend and you’re telling me to…”“Get outta there Tiff, meet me Caverton
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The Handwriting
Two days later, the second five visited Charlotte in her house. Charlotte was lying scared on her bed, shivering from head to toe. Her room was messed up totally by her. She stood up immediately she noticed a footstep in front of her door.“Please! Please!! Please!! Don’t hurt me!” She cried, rushing up from the bed and facing the door. Her eyes were sore red, she has cried out almost all the water in her body. Her face was very pale and her white hairs were scattered, curling on her neck and faces.“It’s okay Charlotte, we are normal people” Fraser replied as they opened the door.Charlotte was surprised to see five different people in her room.“Who are you all and what are you all doing here?”“We are students that ran away from school excursion just to involve into something that doesn’t concern us” Fraser replied.“I know you” Charlotte pointed at Amanda and the rest looked at Amanda.“You are Tiffany’s sister, she used to talk about you a lot. I have seen your picture in her pho
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The 'WE' Word
“Can you stop please” Amanda cried, falling on her knees. Fraser bent besides the door and vomited a lot.“Want some chocolates?” Claire asked and chuckled evilly.“Fuck you and your chocolates little wench” Jane threw at her and she looked slowly at Jane with an evil smile. Claire rose up from the tub and started walking slowly towards Jane. Jane looked at her with a smirk while Jake and the rest were staring at Jane and Claire.“Fuck me? They started it first, I warned them but I don’t know…maybe they can’t read” a matured man’s voice spoke through Claire’s mouth. Jane drew herself back immediately and Amanda held her by her arm. “Are you scared now?” Claire chuckled.“Why are you doing this?” Amanda asked her.“Why-why am I doing what?” Egron scoffed.“Why are you killing these people, what did they do to you?”“What they did to me? They disturbed me when I was resting from a tragic. Wanna know about it?” Egron asked.“What do you mean by that?” Jake asked him with a look of surpr
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In The Old Cabin
The second five arrived at the destination where the tracker led them and they saw a very old tree with few leaves standing in front of a wooden house, a cabin. Jane was the first person to look up the tree after a drop of blood dropped on her leg.“Is that a somebody?” she asked looking up the tree. Amanda looked at her and took her gaze up the tree, likewise David, Jake and Fraser.“That’s Charlie” Jake replied shortly after a short gaze.“What is he doing up there?” Fraser asked, still looking at Charlie who was hanged on the tree.‘I think he was hanged” David replied.‘What the fuu…”“Oh! my God’ Jane cried.“Stay out of this, save your lives” Charlie panted slowly from the tree as blood was gushing out slowly from his mouth.“Stay out of this and sa….” A hand penetrated into his chest and came out with his heart. Charlie’s blood poured on Jane’s face and she screamed loud as the Charlie’s body was falling down to them. After the thud, they ran into the cabin and hid themselves.
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Now you Have The Chance
“Aha!” ‘What do you mean by that? I-I don’t understand that” David, curious asked Deborah. “You don’t need to understand that now, we’re living…right now” “We?” Fraser chuckled. “We don’t have time for that…right now” “Where are we going…Deborah?’ Amanda asked. “Look I-I might look like a psycho but I’m not following a lady who appeared from nowhere and said that she raised a ghost. Don’t you guys think?” Fraser yelled, looking at Jake and David. “Yeah I’m talking to you both because we are the men in this stupid adventure and we don’t have to obey girls” Fraser added. “Do whatever you like then, I’m leaving” Deb said and turned to leave but Jane rushed and held her right hand. “Wait!” ‘Fraser I think we should listen to her, she’s been in this before and we almost got killed today” Jane looked at Fraser. ‘Yeah, I think so too” Amanda supported, looking at Fraser. “Why are you not talking Jake?” Fraser looked at Jake who gave him an imperceptible shrug. “We should listen t
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