Era luna
Era luna
Author: Renglassi
Chapter 01

The cool feeling of the storming weather was grazing over my warm body, and my eyes opened in the trance of happiness since I knew that today, I would belong to someone who I do know or May not know.

Everyone prays and wishes to have a mate but that's not what I actually want.

I don't want to have a mate, guys are too possessive and at some point reject their mates just like what happened to the few matched up mates that never worked out.

The moon day is at hand and on that day, everyone will be at the meeting chambers, Including the alpha to pray to the moon goddess, It was said that on this day, all wishes will be granted and renewal of everything will be given to the pack too.

Being a scientist that the country respects and a daughter of a pack Alpha, I feel fulfilled in life but my mum, Luna Elsa keeps saying that I am not yet fulfilled until I have met my mate.

My phone began to ring and I picked it up, answering it and unable to address the person by his name but could recognize the voice that I had heard over the phone.

It was James, my colleague at work, we are both newbies since we just graduated and are now on official duty.

"Please we need you in the office as fast as possible, this morning, we found a body frozen in ice and its understudy as the ice isn't melting," he says to me and that set me into a science mode.

"I'm coming right now!" I replied to him and he cut the call after replying to me with an okay.

I dressed up as I had already taken my bath and rushed downstairs just to see my mum Elsa staring at me with a smile.

"My little wolf of yesterday has become a working-class research scientist," she says with her motherly caring voice as she smiled at me with her scattered brownish black hair that looked like mine.

I hugged her and she pecked me.

"You'd find your mate today!" She says to me in calmness but with excitement in her reaction, that was supposed to make me happy but funnily enough, I am afraid to have a mate, It's kind of scary since I'm a virgin and have never tried making out with anyone.

"Okay, let me not delay you, It's time to head to the office," my mum says to me as she sipped on her coffee exhaling out.

I walked out and got into my car, heading there, just for me to reach and be flooded with other colleagues who knew that chemical reactions are where I expertise.

I was soon in the chambers staring at what seemed like an enormous ice block with my colleagues surrounding  the ice enormous block.

I reached closer to It only to be shocked at what I could see in the ice.

There is a bare-chested handsome light chocolate man in the ice.

"It is a chemical frost," I said out after examining the Ice.

"But if it's just a frost then how come isn't it melting?" James asked me and I requested for an advanced lighter, of which was given to me as I requested for it on time.

I would say.

I turned it on with fire burning over the ice.

But then it was not melting.

"This is why it is not melting, the chemical involved in the frost reaction can't be neutralized by fire so what I'd request to be done is by weight hit." I said to him and all the others nodded in agreement.

The ice was taken outside to be hit lightly so that at least a crack would appear of which we can get pieces to study more about the chemicals that had caused the frost to happen over the body.

After that was done, It was brought out of the hit machine just to discover that no matter how hard the hit was, It would not crack at all, so we decided to perform the boiling process of which It still did not work at all.

I could see a tiring feeling over my colleagues that were assisting me.

They were giving up but not me as at now.

Taking the handsome cute guy out of the ice was something that could not be done, no matter the knowledge we had applied.

"I'd be heading home." James says to me as he pulls off his white experiment gown heading out with his bag.

"Me too." the remaining four said the same thing dismissing themselves as well with their white suits all tucked between their arms.

"Really guys?" I said to them and they turned to look at me.

"We have tried our best, no other chemical reacts with it, I think that should be kept in the museum or something." one of them said to me after signing like she was annoyed or frustrated.

"I get that it has natural properties, since it's really cold but what can we do?"James asked and they all replied with... "Nothing"

Then they turned and left.

"They have to be some sort of cause of this frost! and I am going to find it out" I said to myself as I looked at his chocolate body in the ice.

He had a pumped up chest with hard abs that were sectioned on their own and his trousers pumped up with his... Wait... Was I just lost staring at him for a moment there?

Hmm, bad me.

"Yeah, you were, he's even dead, what a waste of handsomeness." my wolf said to me and I chuckled as surely, It was a waste of a capable man.

"He's so handsome! the kind of guy that I like but as you said, he's dead, the perfect ones are always never available" I said to my wolf smiling as I stared at his abs.

"I have to head home now since my birthday party is about to start, if I am not there, I might never get to see my possessive mate." I said to myself, frowning as I started to pack my things.

I was soon ready after I had closed the enormous ice block with a plastic leather cover and then... I picked up my earpiece staring up at the sky, just to see the half-moon shining with its beauty.

I walked over to where he was just for something to smell so irresistible that I moved closer to his body to get more of it.

It was our mating bond.

It's impossible... He can't be my mate! It doesn't make sense!

He's dead and he's frozen. 

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