Chapter 13

Cara's [P.O.V]

I took my spot on his massive bed feeling like all was going to be alright and a bit happy that he decided to give me space.

Now I am sure that he won't be able to touch me in any way that is wrong.

"I need my mate!" My wolf screams inside of me and I growled at her in disgust just for him to walk out from the toilet with only his towel turned about his waist.

The sight was too hot for me to take my eyes off but I struggled and looked elsewhere only for my wolf to control them back at the dick print on his towel.

I could feel my hairs standing as_even I myself did not know if I wanted him.

"Shut up wolf! It's not yet my claiming ceremony and you already want me to mate him" I argued with my wolf who kept screaming..."I want my mate cara!"

She keeps silent in peace and I was able to look away from where he stood with his body carved like that of a god.

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