Chapter 22

Cara's [P.O.V]

I had now reached the mansion, I saw Brian by the other side of the building and it was my chance to escape him_of which I did.

I was now in my room pulling off my clothes and hand washing them immediately and I took my bath as well using different body washes just so Brian does not trace the smell of the person that he hates so much on me.

It was already my first Luna duties day and I came to the gathering late.

"What delayed you for so long?" Allison asked me as the evening sun weakened with a lit darkness appearing over the sky.

"Well, Luna has to do what a Luna has to do, I'm here now Allison," I said to her as she corks my hand and led me to where I was going to sit.

I sat down as I watched the remaining wolves get matted to their pairs with happiness flowing through their every reaction and that made me jealous of how I am Brian is meant to b

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