Chapter 23 - Mature

Brian's [P.O.V]

I looked at myself and I cried inside of me as I knew that I was not the owner of the body that I assumed, it belonged to my brother who has been trying his possible best to get rid of me but his plans could not go through as I am an immortal being and he wasn't.

The only person capable of killing me was my mate which I doubt would be able to do something that dangerous, because of the power of our mate bond or am I wrong?

I was deep inside the forest but this place looked so special as I looked around.

A scent was sniffed into my nostrils and I knew who it was, it was crazily loving.

My mate!

Last night she had her first mate crave for me and that was what gave me the strength to free myself from the magic cave had used to trap me.

My claws stretched out and I rushed towards where my wolf felt where she was and finally I saw her

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