Chapter 241

Lucky for me I didn't bump into anyone on my way to the human cells. I managed to train my eyes on the road ahead which led me to my destination.

Fortunately there was no guards at the entrance and everywhere was extremely silent. I walked into the cell, most of the prisoners were asleep,and the few ones awake stared at me as I walked on.

"Look, it's her! The Emperor's mate!" A dirty looking woman screamed as I passed by her cell. Rumors truly spreads fast like wide fire.

"Zoe!" I screamed with a huge smile on my face when I saw her with Felicia.

"Cassidy!" They moved closer to the gate. "Wow! Look at you!" Their eyes examined me.

"You look beautiful!" Zoe exclaimed.

"I'm really happy to see you alive." I smiled.

"Yes..yes..Mikel healed me. And I am so happy for you too!"

"Cassidy..I must admit that you are lucky to be mated to the E

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