Chapter 268

[Brian's P.O.V]

My dick erects in my pants and I could think about only one person as I touched myself... Grabbing my such handful and secretly squishing it a bit.

Yep! As a rogue who is working very hard to survive I have to leave like this every now and then.

I jumped up in joy as I received the email that I got the job I applied for as a chef in the almighty Ella's home.

To think of the opportunity and Mansion alone was making me almost scream because I knew I was worth showing off my talents in a reputable place and for reputable people.

I am very ready to face any challenge I might experience in that mansion as I have heard different things about how bossy and controlling the CEO of the company is but that doesn't bother me at all.

I can't leave the job or refuse the offer because that's what is going to sustain my family and I, plus the salary is dope t

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