Chapter 272

[Hilda's P.O.V]

He kissed my neckline as I moaned in pleasure! 

Joel and I work together!

I want Ella destroyed while he wants Ella's riches! 

Our plan is to make her penniless, break the reputation of her royal blood, and then we will get married! 

"You know I love you baby." he said as his hand went into my boobs! 

"You say that all the time yet, you fuck Ella each fucking day." I said practically annoyed! 

I hate the fact that she's sharing my man with me. 

I don't care about her addiction.

She can as well beg a mad man to fuck her.

That's what I have always wanted.

"Common Hilda, you know Why I am doing that. It's for us, I need to get her to trust me before our plans can work." He says in return.

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