Chapter 273

[Ella's P.O.V]

I sighed loudly coming down from the bed. Isn't he a God sent?

Yesterday night was the first time my addiction went away without fucking any man. 

It went away with a different means and I didn't know all this while and now he volunteered to help me.

If it means skipping work for today, that's what I must do.

My life is more important than money! 

Will they be able to cure me if it was a drug I took like he said?

What drug did I take in the first place? Cause I can't remember doing this to myself.

I don't enjoy being a sex addict that I am, so why will I take that? 

I just can't wait to get to the hospital! 

Somehow, I trust Brian! Within the 24hours he's spent with me , he proved worthy to be trusted! 

It sti

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