Chapter 276

Ella [P.O.V]

Huh? Which son? 

"Son? Which son mum?" I asked, clearly confused.

I thought she gave birth to me and me alone? 

She smiled at me feebly. 

"Brian of course, who else?" She said, smiling widely.

Seriously? When has Brian become her son? My face flushed a little hearing just his name! 

What is he turning me into? I think I need to see my therapist before this gets out of hand! 

"Really? Well, he's fine though" I shrugged.

The smile on her face was priceless! Hmm! They just met once right? 

What's up with her? 


"I so much love that man Ella! He's so calm, handsome and respectful" 

Yeah I know he is.


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