Chapter 34

Sira's [P.O.V]

My intelligence had increased so high that it almost felt like I was no longer human but a god, it was then that I figured out how my friend Linda must have been feeling all the while that we have been together because I'm sure she must have had access to her own scroll too.

"Sira, where are you?" my father said walking about the lake area and was about to dive into the waters before I swam up swiftly so that he could see me and not be too worried that something bad had happened to me while he was around.

"Are you OK sira?" my father asked as he looked at me with his reaction for the first time being worried and I see that his behaviour had changed.

He stretched out his hand to bring me out of the lake and I held onto it coming out the lake as fast as I could because the water seemed weird.

"This is the chambers of all scrolls, there are some scrolls that we are no

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