Chapter 37

Sira's [P.O.V]

"Mum wake up" I said to her in return just before I discovered that she had fainted not quite long ago and something began to hurt me so bad from inside of me making me feel as if I was a dried straw but filled with fire between.

I breathe out growling in the pain that I was feeling so much because I wanted instant help from anyone who was available.

The first person to walk through the door was no one else but my best friend Linda.

"Linda, please help me," I said in return.

I prayed my mother wasn't dying,  but as well I couldn't keep myself active but faint since that was the only way I could rest.

I had to let it take over so that I could have peace of mind for the pains that were bothering me so much that I felt like disappearing.

My sight became a blur vision and the door leading into the Chambers opened wide again and I

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