Chapter 36

Sira's [P.O.V]

After training myself, I stood up to my feet and looked around the Battle arena seeing all the rest scrolls floating through the air and nothing could fill my heart all then sadness for the fact that I knew how many people like me died because they wanted to gain the magic of the scrolls.

Even I myself is a survivor.

"Sira, Read the scroll, I heard a voice from nowhere and it seemed really weird, I bet they're spirits tempting me to open the scrolls for its magic but I wasn't sure if my wolf was really to do the moon goddesses biddings.

It has destroyed thousands of werewolves because their wolves were not ready to be servants of the moon goddess even so it takes their life and so I don't think anything is going to make me walk against the wolf that lives inside of me.

"Sira, You are more powerful than you have ever taught you were, and something is very different

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