Chapter 39

Sira's [P.O.V]

After saying all the nonsense she wanted to say to me she turned and left and Daniel followed her from behind chasing after her like the man that he was... weak to me and never something that I would ever think of dating.

Because I'm very sure that even my wolf will reject him at the instance of everything and it seems sad that I didn't do anything to my friend Linda but she just chose to be jealous of me and judge me wrongly all because of some story that my mum had told to all the girls in the pack.

I wonder if it's not bad that she has a boyfriend but still wants to get the grandson of the Moon goddess again to herself.

It seems kind of selfish and I would like to assume that is right to say because if she really loved Daniel then she wouldn't want to have someone else that is stronger or looks better than Daniel.

Because love is not something that looks

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