Finding Humanity

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Finding Humanity

By: Kei OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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One day, Apocalypse came to pass. It started with a fog that engulfed the world. Thick and heavy in the atmosphere, nearly unbreathable to humans and able to corrupt a soul. It killed livestock, pulled buildings to the ground and deadened the soil. After a month, shields were erected over major cities to keep it out, but by then humanity could no longer see the sun. Next, they disappeared - the citizens in shieldless towns and the towns themselves - completely consumed by the fog. And in their place came monsters, beasts that craved human flesh and blood and knew nothing but destruction. In a matter of days, only half of humanity remained. . . but they didn't plan on going down without a fight.

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Chapter 1
August, Year 473, Isle of Whithook, District Ten, North Human life, regardless of wealth or circumstance, had a beginning and an end. What humanity had long strove to accomplish was to eliminate the latter and after centuries of research they had gotten close. But unknown to the seven hundred and fifty two scientists working on extending the lifespans of the elite, the secret to immortality was now in the hands of three friends on a personal quest to save the world. The two men in the trio of self-proclaimed future world-savers tore their gazes away from the swelling waves that smashed against the rocky base of the cliff they stood on, hands fitted into their pockets. They turned simultaneously to the girl lagging behind them by several metres. She didn't seem to be aware that her outburst had gotten their attention but she couldn't
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Chapter 2
September, Year 483, Forest of Lacau, State of Nicia, North They're going to kill us all. Esau stared, eyes wide with fear, at the armed men lined up in front of him. At a glance he could tell that they were well-trained. Unlike the men in town whose gazes were unfocused and postures undisciplined, he could tell that the men before him now weren't trained to hunt animals, humans were their sole prey. He also knew enough about the military of the four nations to know that the soldiers belonged to none. He had no idea where they could have come from or why they had come to the border of North and East to accost he and his mother. They wore crisp white uniforms with a golden eagle pinned over their hearts, easily standing out from the rest of the forest. Every single one of them possessed an air of command and even their guns were the n
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Chapter 3
Twenty four hours earlier, September, Year 483, Town of Lacau, State of Nicia, North Nobody knew who got sick first, but by now everyone knew the symptoms. The bloody coughs, breathlessness and pale complexion were only the most notable signs, but by now everyone knew to stay away from the infected.  Though the symptoms were nowhere near contagious and it was only a matter of time before everyone got the illness and died off, the stigma was still there, especially since the disease induced delusions. More times than not, friends became strangers and family members ended up slowly forgetting the moments they spent with each other. But becoming mere shadows of their past selves was not the worst of it. Because of the wan and skeletal appearances of the infected, the rest of the townspeople segregated them to a section of Lacau, to the empty buildings around the town's sole pharmac
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Chapter 4
Even though he was only nine, Esau understood fear perfectly. It was the feeling that made you freeze when you faced danger. An unpleasant emotion that made your stomach turn and forced you to run away from something scary. It was something that kept you alive. Esau understood that perfectly.  He had been afraid before, and there were many times when he had fled from the sight of what he thought was terrifying. But he couldn't do that now. He couldn't bring himself to. The nine year old knew that he should be afraid. Trying to save his sister could get him wounded and killed. But right now no part of him cared. Even though Esau had never liked getting hurt, he forgot all of his terror in this moment. He couldn't afford to freeze, because larger fears had taken over his limbs.  He was scared of losing his only sister. He was scared of what his Ma and
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Chapter 5
Corey's long day at work could have ended with news of dissatisfied rich folk, a riot among underpaid workers, or a funeral he was obligated to attend. But no it had to be a summons from angry tower religionists—the worst thing to face when he was just about to get done with the twenty hour period that he definitely wasn't getting paid for. What a day. Another stressed sigh slipped passed his lips when he glanced at the headlines that floated above his wrist in glittering cursive script: Minister Rejects The Order. The Order of the Code, the largest religious organization on the planet and it's headquarters just happened to be in his Nation. And they happened to dislike—. . . As though sensing his thoughts, the headlines switched to heavy block lettering spelling out the words: IS COREY ROYA THE REASON FOR THE MAJOR DISSENT AMONG RELIGIOUS MASSES? Not dislike, they ha
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