The Ultimate Commander Cassian

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The Ultimate Commander Cassian

By: AFM31 Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Honored as a great commander, Cassian Valor is forced to sacrifice his eyesight to achieve peace. His wife leaves him, thinking he is unworthy of a businesswoman like her. Little did she realize that her success was owed to him.Soon enough, the great commander rises from the darkness. He's ready to prove his ultimate power to those who doubt him!

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  • Angela Graham


    AFM31 I like your style. I am loving your story and hope to get updates on a regular basis. Can’t wait for the intrigue as the plot thickens. Love the hero and soon to be heroine......

    2024-04-10 13:00:59
  • Clyde Nasia


    why the update isn't available quickly?

    2024-05-23 18:18:13
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57 chapters
Chapter 0001
For three long years, the battlefield echoed with shouts, cries, and clashing weapons. But now, after Weltaria's victory, a brief hush fell over the scene.The soldiers kept a firm grip on their weapons, wary that the enemies might feign surrender and launch another attack. Once they realized victor
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Chapter 0002
Three days later, the news of the peace agreement spread across the nation, capturing the attention of other countries. Walteria's war against Narman Empire attracted the attention of other countries due to its large scale.Many were skeptical that Walteria could maintain peace in the nation.The pe
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Chapter 0003
Cassian was surprised by Isabell's statement. Although he was able to predict the enemy's movements and devise a war strategy, he could not have predicted that Aveline would want a divorce. It was beyond his reach. He was disappointed that Aveline filed for divorce at their meeting after all this t
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Chapter 0004
The teenagers whistled to see who was helping Cassian. It turned out to be Elara, dressed in a suit that highlighted her figure. She did not make a friendly expression to the teenagers, but they still tried to tease her. One of the youths winked at her. "Sexy and nice too. How about we have a cup o
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Chapter 0005
The atmosphere grew tense as Cassian said nothing, leaving Ace and the guards waiting in suspense. It was only for a moment, but they felt as if they had been trapped for a long time.Cassian threw the access card at Ace, saying, "Let's check if this is real!"The guards gulped nervously as his word
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Chapter 0006
The next day, Cassian was going to court alone at the appointed time. Elara was not with him because he did not want to involve her in his personal affairs. Aveline was already there with Isabella. She waited impatiently for Cassian to arrive. "He will come, right? I'm afraid he ran away because h
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Chapter 0007
"I won't," Cassian replied, still with the same calmness. "Don't be stubborn while I'm still being nice. I'll beat you to death if you don't hand over the house!" Cassian laughed. "Did you just threaten to beat a soldier?" Liam's face turned red at the taunt. He knew that Cassian went to
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Chapter 0008
Elara ignored the young man's hand. "No, you can't," she replied with a straight face.The young man thought Elara was just playing hard to get, so he persisted in his efforts to charm her. He glanced at Cassian, who he saw coming with Elara. It irritated him that an ordinary guy could approach her.
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Chapter 0009
Caleb and Owen rejected the idea that Cassian was the one who caused the Silverstone family business to collapse. But they had not offended anyone today except Cassian and Elara. "S-Sir, can you explain what's going on?" Owen nervously asked Logan. Unfortunately, Logan had no intention of explaini
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Chapter 0010
"Don't you know that the parking lot for servants is different?" Olivia continued. She pointed at Elara's old car. "Get that crappy car out of here! It's an eyesore, you know!" The people who happened to be in the parking lot agreed. Only luxury vehicles should be allowed to park. "But I'm not a s
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