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Game Wolf and Sheep

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Badrika Shuura follows a virtual world game connected via android and other online devices. After joining, the game has levels according to the work of the original World. Badrika takes on the job of Bodyguard where all players hire her in different price tiers. Only Badrika is the only player who has a maximum of all levels and can add a second job and so on as the main bonus in the game. But unexpectedly Badrika heard the news saying that the game is dangerous that concerns everyday life. Even their natural death was too real. Even so, Badrika had to deal with one VIP customer who regularly rented her out for a week each month. Twenty-year-old woman with the status of a wealthy student majoring in Psychology named Alana Liora Gantari. Is there any truth in this game? Why are so many victims falling?

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  • fibiaavanti


    What a good story! Marvelous!

    2023-03-30 19:56:18
  • Pororo


    This is very cool

    2023-03-28 02:05:15
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161 chapters
Wolf and Sheep Game Launch
"It's time for The Wolf and Sheep game launch to be opened all over the world! Game levels are connected to the real world and feel the thrill. Even the genres that you are divided into three are real life, romance and fantasy. This is only the first time it came out so there are likely other genres that you can get after upgrading. We give one year warranty to try it after massive purchase!"Badrika glanced at her TV screen with a sour face. There is no problem if now the age of technology changes and makes people make the best use of it.Even the game can be downloaded anywhere as long as the internet connection is smooth or rely on the signal from the BTS tower. So even non signal places will not work. Badrika heard the noise of the neighbors fussing over the purchase of the game. Many of them have tried it because of the queue early in the morning. Badrika's shoulder slumped when the tv channel was changed. Breakfast sandwiches and Americano coffee on the table are easy targets. "
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Search Dead
Badrika had a little fun accepting the bottle of drink that the customer gave her. The transfer money from Boss Zero has increased. Tip money bought for pizza and drink fizzy Riki's favorite. Surely his nephew was very receptive to Badrika's offer at home while imagining the two of them playing the game. The pace of the motor to the place of purchase of the game in order to surprise Riki at home. While waiting in line, Vodka drinks are placed in the motor storage. Until now the queue has not ended.The knock of Badrika's black shoes knocked loudly repeatedly waiting in the same condition. There has been no progress at all. Inevitably Badrika picked up Riki's unanswered call because Badrika was still working. No sound across made Badrika frown. "Is the boy asleep? but this was lifted. Strange."The queue number 1200 is mentioned. Badrika moved her body stepping one by one past the angry crowd. Of course there are peers at work so Badrika asks for help for the golden ticket without the
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Weird Group
"Yes. Track down dead men to confront me. I make sure he can't just run back to his village and enter the afterlife, " annoyed Badrika began to stand up, sorting out the reality and thinking about the police report related to Riki's case. Cctv evidence gets briefly hacked by Badrika as the road staggers to her room. Luckily, none of the tech equipment was taken. There was a group wearing robes were catching Riki fear against them. More or less the hunted game is in plain sight showing its weakness. Riki runs to the front door but gets his legs severed by an axe blocking his freedom. Riki collapses, screaming in pain and is forced into the bathroom. Badrika watching the events has anger at the Fontanel. How dare you approach Badrika Shuura's family! Badrika enlarges the cctv picture but the results are blurred so that the faces of the perpetrators are not visible. Badrika cursed a few words. The sound of the doorbell of the apartment was immediately approached by Badrika, opened and s
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Most Regretted
Most regrettable by Badrika. This meager gift was able to liven up Badrika's mood from Riki. Riki knows if there is alone time between uncle and nephew for one day under certain conditions. Such as illness, birthday, holidays and time off. In addition Badrika does not accept any other reason for not working. That's why Badrika knows a little flash of Riki's sparkling eyes.Apparently Riki asked for a full day for the togetherness of the two of them hindered daily work. Badrika hugged the game before unpacking, followed the instructions and plugged it into the TV the hotel provided. Mata Badrika can't believe when two accounts have been paired and then game information and events have entered their respective emails. Badrika swallowed forcefully. "That kid, you think I'm glad these two accounts are more important than your life?!"Almost screamed loudly but couldn't. Muffled by the sound of the game journey from the beginning describes the three people, forming three countries transfor
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Badrika glanced at the notification saying that it was time to explore her profession as a bodyguard where all her activities would be exhausted because of the game. However, the second option to blend the two worlds is most in demand because it can play and run the daily lives of all users at the same time. Badrika's eyes did not see any tension around the campus so Badrika could take another request. This time put an ordinary bodyguard of the old grandfather. Address two kilometers from the car borrowed the same sapphire. Not forgetting Badrika asked permission for her car to be used. For his gas problems will be paid in full by Badrika. Safir's brief Chat made Badrika frown that it was impossible for the young man on purpose. Usually they follow trendy but even the Sapphire account says the opposite is still formal. "Is the child educated from childhood so as not to get carried away with the environment?"Badrika asked before turning into the tunnel and stopping at the bus stop. T
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Relieves Hunger
Badrika gets decent food. Empty canned drinks are immediately thrown into the trash can. According to Grandpa K's saying that this day should be around himself for twenty-four hours. Badrika can't help but send an apology message to Safir's account when his second mission is a daily one. Sapphire took a deep breath and nodded. Badrika smiled looking at the contents of her chat unselfish. "He was a good boy and an ordinary man. So maybe he knows Grandpa K if he says the reason is close, " muttered Badrika set the earphone song. Now Badrika is sitting in front of the class. Last superintendent's schedule was four o'clock in the afternoon but the mission was increased by Grandpa K. At one o'clock in the morning Badrika can go home once the mission is completed. While waiting, Badrika filled her stomach with bento boxes given by Grandpa K. Good to be touched in Badrika's mouth every chew and then looked up. There were other children giving snacks when passing by. They do it on purpose be
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Boss Territory
Badrika doesn't know Grandpa K sees her the same as before. Badrika's stern face immediately relaxed when Grandpa K remained aware of Badrika's identity. "You are a strange and fearless sheep. That's your Assistant wolf. how long have you known each other?"Grandpa K changed the direction of his left hand to call G was busy eating the cooked meat. After being full, lunch is immediately handed over to Badrika. "I'm G if you forget, X. Here's the beef, " said G wiping the corners of his lips with a dry tissue.Badrika glanced at Grandpa G to let him eat. The terrible hunger turned silent and obediently every flesh entered his body. Grilled meat using homemade sauce makes Badrika addicted. It is likely that Badrika will ask for the recipe rather than burden others. "Don't be afraid of X. This is the first simulation of the game so it's not entirely clear yet. You can go back to your activities, " Grandpa said, making a high voice and stretching his back with gout. Serum is included. Assi
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Just mark them
Badrika uses a folding knife. The opponent's weapons are very exciting. Later can be obtained during the fight when they are less wary of dealing with Badrika. There were ten people where they grinned widely as if to corner the fugitive on the edge. But who would have thought Badrika feel the game system error. There are red line markings, X-rays and player data of the enemies. "I applaud that you were able to purchase the game when it first launched. I can't wait to destroy you."Badrika's snapping is considered to be the wind and then they simultaneously attack Badrika. Two men fired long-range bullets with rifles. On the left is wearing a heavy and sharp weapon. The right side of the gallop wants to punch Badrika directly. Badrika moves forward accustomed to receive extreme activity. Trained from the first by the Green Snake Gang boss to be strong to protect anyone. Badrika dodges a barrage of bullets and then serves up a fist and the response that will come with a punch of inner s
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Take Care
After reaching the second floor of the House, Badrika turned off her car when two voices greeted Grandpa K. Apparently it was his family waiting for their arrival. Badrika came out while greeting his wife Grandpa K. "Thank you for taking care of my husband, son X. We were both agitated when one of our neighbors said there was an accident on the way to campus," Gabriela explained in return for Badrika's good intentions. Cherry saw her father grumbling right away. "Are you worried about X?"Badrika replied No problem. Even hearing Grandpa K teach on campus though not entirely was Badrika's pleasure before changing. Badrika looked over the heads of the two men. Wolf and Sheep game users are the main attraction even though the professor's family. Badrika was pulled into the House. There her busy husband Cherry and two children waved to welcome Badrika."The three of you keep your attitude. This is Grandpa's guest. Got it?"said Cherry confirms her two children who hold the cake batter yet
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Neighbors are fussing over something
But instead of being examined on the spot, Grandpa K asked Badrika to take her daughter-in-law to the examination room in the basement. Gabriela and Cherry follow the direction of her room. Children fall into a deep sleep after being calmed down. The place is said to be very spacious grandfather K even very clear there is writing "needed when urgent" make Badrika understand. Varon was placed slowly into the barn. Blood-stained clothes were cut off. Badrika checks Varon's pulse. Grandpa K handled some medical tools neutralizing the heartbeat and nodded.Then Badrika brings out her first aid skills, Grandpa K helps Badrika in a hasty operation and the fresh blood stock is used as best he can. The sound of Varon's heartbeat temporarily increased and then returned to normal. Neatly handled seams Badrika immediately sterilized again his hands. Grandpa K patted Badrika's shoulder. "You are versatile. If you had the opportunity to study medicine, you would be very successful.""That's overki
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