To kill or to be killed

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To kill or to be killed

By: Rizzy OngoingGames

Language: English

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Vanillope was accused of killing her own mother and was sent to juvenile, inside she was tortured, starved and beaten but those pain was nothing compared to what awaits on her, she was sent on a battle ring in fight with the other prisoner that has only one objectives: to kill or to be killed. But little did she knew it was just the start, the start of the concept of killing each other. After winning she was sent to a more horrible place where a systematic maze game were happening, where you can't do anything but survive in order to achieve what you want. But for her, she will do anything to achieve what she want which is revenge. A little tip, if you want to survive on a maze, one thing you better do; unleash that devil inside you.


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112 chapters
-YEAR 2045"My sister is innocent! Let her go! I'm the witness that she didn't kill anyone! please! I'm telling you! She's innocent!"Jack shouted as his sister was getting dragged to a black police van with a lot of people around them whispering and surrounding them, their houses were covered with yellow tape to keep the people away from the crime scene."Vannilope! Tell them you didn't kill her! Tell them it's not you! defend yourself!"Jack shouted begging while tears were flowing down his face but his sister didn't say anything and just let the police drag her.Jack couldn't take seeing his sister being dragged harshly away from him, he ran towards them and was about to reach his sister but a police officer stopped him and held his wrist as they let him kneel on the ground so he won't be able to move."O-Officer! Please believe me! I saw what happened! My sister didn't kill her! She killed herself! My sister has nothing to do with it! please…"He's trying his best to resist but
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~"Who would thought that a young woman with such an innocent face can dare to kill her own mother"Vannilope wasn't saying anything, she's just looking at the wall mirror, she's sure that it's a one way mirror and she's also sure there's a lot of people watching them from the outside."Come on, aren't you really going to say anything?"For the first time before she was brought on the interrogation room her face shows emotion,She smirks and looks at the police officer that is interrogating her."What should I say, officer? Will my words change your judgment? You already convicted me, I don't know if you'll still waste your time running my case in court, why not imprison me already?"The officer smirks, being surprise with the girl's cockiness, but he still continue asking question even though she's not answering any of those." You're a criminology student, aren't you? Did you used your knowledge about crimes and methods to perform a perfect murder? So sad, we arrived before you even
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Battle ring
I woke up with a sudden noise,Hmm? What is it this time?I look at the door and I guess someone's opening it, I can't help but to cough, it's so dusty here, even the bathroom is so dirty.I'm starving, unluckily they only serve food during the night, how cruel.I look up when three guards enter my room,"Get up, a lot of guest were waiting on the battle ring"I just looked at them emotionlessly and followed what they said.Two of the guards harshly grab me and put handcuffs on my hands,"It's a pity that you'll fight someone that early, you're just new here and your fight were already settled, hmm it's better than suffering here though"One of the guards said, yeah? I'm so unlucky." Well, that's the price you need to pay for killing someone"The other one replied,"Okay"Is all the thing I can say, "You still can talk like that huh? Aren't you too cocky?"One of the guard suddenly said,"Not really""Tsk, we'll see about that later, we will feed your corpse to the crocodile""I see
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The victor
"I'm not that stupid you know"She immediately flee from me and make a distance of herself, a smirk suddenly pull up on her face." You're not that stupid as I think you are"" Even stupid people can read your moves"She scoff." Tsk, whatever, just die"" Then kill me"Just like what I said, she ran towards me and throw a punch but I managed to tilt my head and dodge it, she punched me several times but I managed to dodge it all, I caught her left arm and hold it tightly as I kick her stomach using my knees making her lay down on the floor while holding her tummy."Is that all you've got? And here I am, thinking that you're someone who can pull off, guess you're just bark but no bite"I said provoking her and I guess I it worked, she quickly get up even though it's so obvious that her stomach still hurt, she attacked me again but this time with her dagger, she slash her daggers but I managed to dodge it all.I stopped her right hand and twisted it making her let go of her dagger ,I p
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Better place
"Wear this"I just stared at the blindfold one of the police handed me."?"He ckicked his tongue and grab me harshly as he put on the blindfold on my eyes."You need to wear this until we reach our destination, there's no way we'll let you see the way"I didn't utter anything and just let them escort me to the van.So this day finally come huh?After two weeks of boredness they finally told me to get ready for we will going to 'that' place already, so here I am now, ready to go, I don't have any slightest idea if what kind of place was it, but one thing I know, it's worse than here.~ I felt the Van already stop moving,"You can take of your blindfold already""I don't know if you're stupid or what but I hope you're aware that there's a handcuff on my hand"I said with a bored tone."So cocky, let's just see if you can still keep up with that attitude of yours when you're already inside, I will probably enjoy seeing you beg to please get you out of there""Yeah?"I said and yawn as
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Settled eyes
"Get the f*ck outta my way!"I was about to enter a truck when someone grab me by my collar and push me away.It's a fat woman with an ugly face.She stared at me from head to toe."New here? Huh, such a beautiful face yet a murderer, don't worry, you'll be murdered soon too"I just give her an emotionless look."I see"I said before entering the truck but dang it! She pulled me again, making me sit down on the ground.Annoying."Are you turning your back against me? Huh?!"I just give her a blank look.What the hell is wrong with her?"Stop it already or I will call an officer"One of the women stood in between us."Huh? You wanna mess with me too? I remember you're supposed to be my target last time but the time was running, seems like I can accomplish that plan right now"The fat woman said before entering the truck,The woman who stood between us extended her hands to help me but I ignored it and stood up on my own."Thanks for standing between us but there's no need for you to do
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The maze
I really think I've been here earlier,Ugh! Curse this whole maze! I look around and nothing changed! I'm still inside here surrounded with maze, this sucks, I'm not good with directions, maybe this is an advantage to other player since they've been here a lot of times but for us newbie? I don't think so.I'm tired, guess I can rest for a bit.I have a low stamina that's why my health is also a hindrance.Just when I was about to say down when I heard someone screamed.I get up and peak on the other wall only to see a familiar face.It's the fat woman and the woman who helped me earlier.Woah, it's just half of the day and their path have already crossed? Bro that's destiny mI saw how the other companion of that fat lady pin her on the ground, it's obviously advantage for them because their three of them.Tsk, what's the point of having a companion when you'll just end up killing each other? They'll just backstabbed you one day.I was about to walk away when I heard a scream.I look
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"They said if you kill someone they'll give you a prize" I look at the dead body on the corner "I'm a little curious if what type of prize they'll give us in exchange of someone's precious life" I pause as I stood in front of her before kicking her on the ground making her yell due to the pain in her leg, I pointed my butterfly knife in her throat "And who said I'm helping you? They said the more lives I take, the better prize they'll give, now I'm excited if what can I get of I kill two people"She look at my face for a minute as if she's reading me and just a second after, she started laughing.What the, has she finally lost it?I frowned in annoyance."You really want me to believe you that you'll kill me?"I press the blade of my knife in her throat more."It's up to you""You're cunning, but I helped you earlier, might as well set me free for once?"I rolled my eyes."You didn't helped me, you just stood there and threatened that fat lady""Pfft, fat lady? Agree, she's really fat
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"Hey, what about we add a number on our back so it won't get too obvious and no one will know about our true number?"Micah suddenly suggested while slowly walking around the building we're in.This maze is just like a huge city, there are also building covering us around."Are you stupid? If we add another number on the number on our back it'll be so messy"She looks at me as if she don't get what I mean..Is this woman really that simple minded?"For example, your number is 54, if you add another number, like 1, making it 154, whoever the killer of 154 will be your new killer if ever your destiny will meet, anyhow, we don't have any pen in us that we can use to write another number"Her face brightened as if she finally got what I mean."Oh, right, you have a point" she then smile widely "You really are a smart woman""I'm not smart, I just pointed out the wrong on your idea, simpleton""Eh? You're so harsh""Nah, just honest""Come on, at least show me your soft side!"She said as
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~"Open it already so we can find out if there's really someone behind that cabinet"Micah close her eyes as she held Vanillope's shirt tightly."Oh my god, this is the end of my life, oh gosh, we will die"That's what on her mind while waiting until the men outside open the cabinet where they're hiding.Right now she's seriously scared, not because she's afraid of losing her life but because she's afraid on the pain they might give her, she saw and heard how they tortured the guy and to mention that she's also one of their target.She slightly open her eyes when someone held her hands.It's Vanillope, she's holding her on her left hand while tightly gripping a butterfly knife on her right hand.Suddenly, the fear on her heart slightly faded as she remember that there's someone on the room that she can rely.Vanillope might seems like a cold person but deep inside she's actually kind.Vanillope was about to slam the cabinet door open in order to shock those men outside when suddenly,
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