"What have you done? Tell me! Do not make fool of me? Never ever you do that to me. You should know your place and figure out what is quite appropriate for you. If you do have no idea what that is then I might be generous to teach you. You don't seem to understand what you are and of what stance you're considered. You have no idea what you're supposed to be and what he you ain't. You do think that you could have your way with everything? You really do wanna feel all bossy now and show that you're what you're not? You've forgotten what you are made of and what your felon fate was,is and would be. You probably had forgotten that there is no fate for such as you. You might think that you did have your way with things. You might that you've had everyone fooled. You might think that you've understood the rage and are trying to mess what had been made? You can't really be sure if that feeling of yours right. You can't really bank on it. You do know that. You do know th

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