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Lu Zhen is the young master of Lu branch family. He is crippled in a fight against Jin Ha and his Dao Heart is broken. This leads to his cultivation stagnating and after painstakingly cultivating for three years without improvement he commits suicide in a forest. An opportunity than represents itself. The blood essence of a powerful beast, the Supreme White Lion, fuses with his body and the soul of this beast accepts Lu Zhen. It is now Lu Zhen and Lu Zhen is it. "This time, I'll get my revenge, I'll trample all of you beneath my feet and as for the Heavens. I'll stand above them, everything and everyone will bow beneath my feets. I SHALL BECOME...THE BEAST EMPEROR! "

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293 chapters
Chapter 1: Duel
Chapter 1: Duel    Two youths stood facing each other in the battlestage, one holding a sword while the other held a spear. Outside the battlestage was a crowd of excited spectators. These youths looked to be thirteen or fourteen years of age, each with an aura unique to themselves. One had an aura of sharpness that seemed to want to cut down everything in its path while the other had a bone piercing aura, it felt like even the Heavens could be pierced. Arrogance written all over their faces, neither putting the other on their eyes. "Lu Zhen, today I shall show you the might of the spear. Today, you will acknowledge the spear as the King of Weapons!" said one of the youths as he pointed his spear towards his opponent. The spear holding youth had dashing looks, his eyebrows were sharp,long blon
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Chapter 2: Lu Zhen Reborn
Chapter 2:Lu Zhen Reborn  He was quite dizzy after crashing hard in the ground, his vision became vague and blurry, "Trash! Lu Zhen, never forget the power and might of the spear. The spear is unrivaled and is the King of Weapons!" Jin Ha spoke coldly then left. Lu Zhen vomitted another mouthful of blood and fainted. The Lu servants carried him back to the family.  After being brought back to the Lu family, his wounds were treated and he was left to recuperate. In a large hall, many elders were filled with fury. The Jin family had really gone too far, they crippled the one they had placed their hopes on to grab the attention of the Lu Main family and the one who was supposed to take the family to greater heights. Branch families were created for those with impure bloodlines and they tasked with scouting talented youngsters.
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Chapter 3: Prestige of a king
A deep bass voice that sounded like a cow's bellow came out of Lu Zhen's or to be more specific, the Supreme White Lion's mouth. Just as he was surprised by his rebirth, a flood of memories came crashing down on his mind but for the Mighty Supreme, it was the same as a thought. He quickly organised his thoughts and came to a realisation, "I see, worry not. For the sake of using your body, I'll accept your identify. From today onwards, I am you and you are me. I'll accomplish all your goals and exert my revenge." when speaking of revenge, boundless killing intent that's on the verge of solidifying covered his whole body. "As for the Heavens...I'll make sure to trample them under my feets, this time, definitely. I'll definitely stand above them and have them look up to me while I look down on them. His pitch black eyes stared at the clouds with an unwavering conviction. As if the heavens were provoked, the clouds condensed to the extreme and bore down their pressure to wh
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Chapter 4: Terrifying figures
As the lion's roar resounded throughout the whole world, the lion silhouette started changing it's color. Its pure white fur started turning black and its eyes also turned black. Its majestic and terrifying aura vanished. It was instead replaced by an evil, destructive and bloodthirsty aura. Certain changes also occurred in Lu Zhen's body. His skin was now pitch black like charcoal, his hands that of lion claws and his hair that fell to his hips was now crimson red. It looked as if it was a river of blood. "For what you did to me, I'LL PAY IT BACK A THOUSAND TIMES. I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT TRUE DESPAIR IS!!!" shouted Lu Zhen coldly. Lu Zhen's appearance, made him look like an Asura from hell and as if his message reached its targets. ...In another world, an extremely handsome young man who was sitting cross legged, his aura was simply deeper than the ocean that it seemed like space would collapse any moment. He had two horns that were as long as a bucks and had inscr
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Chapter 5: Find them!
Hours after Lu Zhen had left, eight figures stood exactly one kilometer away from where Lu Zhen previously stood. Lu Zhen's location was treated as a danger zone, this was the only evidence there was that indicated that something really did happen. The eight figures felt that it would be courting death if they even take one step inside this boundary. These eight figures were split into two groups, four on each side and they looked like they had enmity with each other. They even stood tens of meters apart. " Wu Zhong, I don't remember inviting you to the Forest Of Beasts. Please leave. " coldly said the old man. Although he was old with grey hair and a wrinkled face, he looked vigorous and energetic. The only problem was that he had two huge elephant ears and was three meters tall. In fact, all the people in the old man's group had some animal like body parts whether it was their skin, ears, eyes, tails or even their bodies.  They were Humanoid beasts which were taske
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Chapter 6: "It's just a chair "
"Harm the family? My mistake?" Elder Wang was dumbfounded. He didn't know what he had done and who this young man was but thinking about what Xiaojian had said to him when he summoned him, he had to believe it. Xiaojian had explained to Elder Wang how Lu Zhen had changed and that he shouldn't dwell much on it. " Young master, this lowly one doesn't  know what you're talking about." said Elder Wang innocently. 'This isn't a simple change, it's a complete makeover!' he thought to himself but dared not to be disrespectful against this young man. " Elder Wang! Even your ignorance is harmful to the family. Should I KILL OR CRIPPLE YOU!?" shouted Lu Zhen. He was furious to the extreme and he really meant what he said. Elder Wang was already sweating bullets when he felt the killing intent that Lu Zhen released. Although it wasn't as powerful as the one he released in the forest." Have mercy Young Master! " screamed Elder Wang as he slammed his head on the ground, b
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Chapter 7: "Beat him to a pulp!"
Xiaojian was given a sheathed sword and the chairs around the Main Hall were cleared to create more room. Both Elder Wang and Xiaojian stood facing each other. Please! Elder Wang assumed his fighting stance while Xiaojian just nervously stood there. Xiaojian was chosen at a very young age to serve Lu Zhen. He was his personal servant that was taught everything required of servants so it was not surprising that he didn't know what to do. He had also never held a sword in his life. Shing! Both parties unsheathed their swords but something unimaginable happened. Something about Xiaojian changed, his gaze became sharper and his expression calm, his aura was deep as the vast ocean and was unfathomable. He also exuded a tint of danger and was full of arrogance.Elder Wang became nervous when he saw just how different Xiaojian looked. In his eyes, Xiaojian was like a sharp sword ready to cut him in two and he couldn't help but sweat bullet
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Chapter 8: "Who are you?"
Lu Zhen was asking for the impossible from these elders. Submitting to him meant that they had to follow all his instructions to the latter. If he told them to kill themselves, they'd have to oblige and if he told them to slaughter  everyone, they'd still have to oblige. They would in fact be Lu Zhen's pawns that he'd use as he wishes. "Can you give us credibility of how you plan to accomplish all of this. " one of the elders spoke. "Credibility? I have none. " Lu Zhen said with a carefree expression. Now, the elders looked at him like they were really looking at a crazy person. " Lu Zhen, how can we submit to you when you yourself can't convince us?" another elder asked. All the elders nodded. "I don't know." his reply was again not convincing. "Then can you show us that which makes you confident that you'll lead us to prosperity. " yet another elder spoke. "That's simple. " Lu Zhen said as he looked at them. "KNEEL!" he said. All the elders excep
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Chapter 9: Increase in cultivation.
Inside the cocoon, Lu Zhen's body was continuously being tempered, both internally and externally. Externally, Lu Zhen's muscles became more refined and durable, it was like he was being forged like a weapon. And if one looked closely at Lu Zhen's body, one would see golden inscriptions although feint. These inscriptions were all over his body, from his head and down to his toes. Every time Spiritual Qi was in contact with his body, the inscriptions would glitter with a golden lustre and this continued again and again without stopping. Internally, Lu Zhen's internal as well as the five major organs underwent massive transformations. If anyone would disect Lu Zhen now, they would only see treasures. His heart was dark gold and also had inscriptions and the blood pumped also had a tint of gold in it. His lungs, kidneys liver, brain and everything else had turned into a dark gold colour with inscriptions all over. As the brain turned dark gold, it increase
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Chapter 10: Transformation.
Lu Zhen then returned his hand to normal before calling Xiaojian. He then told him that no one is to disturb him, even his uncle. After doing so, he returned to his chambers and closed the doors behind him. Locking it from the inside. "Let's see how much I am able to transform." he mumbled. Crack! Crack!Crack! Lu Zhen's bones started making cracking sounds. Aaaahhh!Lu Zhen screamed his lungs out as it was excruciatingly painful. " Let me make this place soundproof before I continue. " He then took out a piece of paper, bit his finger and used his blood to write an array circle. This array was what he was was going to use to block any form of sounds. This was the only array he could form, he wasn't proficient in arrays. Array masters were  also quite terrifying figures since their arrays were not just limited to basic uses like soundproof or anything like that. They could summon mountains or trap someone in powerful illusions, they could al
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