Chapter 10


He Jumped up from me, that must be your dad" he says to me about to freak out, 

"No way... My dad does not come home by this time, except" I said to him pausing in my sentence, 

"Except what?" he asked me in a heist," except it is my mum, she told my dad she was going to come," I said to him biting my lips, 

"Wait, so you knew your mum might come or not but you still let me into your house... How smart?" he said to me scratching through his hair, 

"You are indirectly calling me dump... Are You?" I asked him, 

"No love, you were supposed to have avoided all this, you know this could make your mum feel less comfortable," he said to me standing, 

"I don't care what she thinks" I replied to him standing up as well, 

"just stay here, let me go check it out," I said to him as I wore my silk gown and I walked out of my room to check who had used the doorbell and to my surprise... it was actually my mum and this time she was not alone.

But with no one else but my dad.

"Daddy," I said out in joy after a one minute silence of staring at both of them at the door, 

I rushed towards him and I hugged him, "Dad I missed you so much," I said to him, ignoring the presence of my mum, 

"I can't just stand her, when I looked at her face I remembered her leaving me and my dad just to pursue her money big dreams.

Unfortunately for her, the people she left became stinky wealthy and now she's trying to do a get-together?" I said in my thoughts a bit annoyed, 

"Are you not going to welcome your mother too?" my dad said to me, "oh?" I said looking into his eyes, 

"Welcome miss?" I said to my mum who seemed to be very calm, and then I walked away allowing both of them into the house, 

I really wonder what is actually going on here, it really makes me tired of this whole house and I hate her cause she left me and my dad alone when we needed her as a mother and as a wife, 

I hear a noise and I can see a male like shadow pass by, 

"Oh lord... please let it not be Terry, because if I get caught with a guy in the house... I would be dead meat" I said to myself as I quickly rushed to check it out, to see that they was no one there, 

But then I don't know why I feel like someone is here and so close to me, "Terry" I said inaudibly but got no replies, I walked upstairs and I saw Terry on my bed, 

"I think you have got to go now," I said to him feeling bad, 

"Oh, okay, but why so soon?"

"Because you might be dead meat if my dad sees you in my room, "

"Okay, I'd be going now, but we did not finish what we had started," he says smirking, 

"I don't get what you mean?" I said to him trying to pretend like I did not understand what he had just said, 

He stands up and walks towards me, "we can't be seen doing this" I said to him as I took one step backward, 

"I don't want to do that anymore," I said to him as I picked my pencil from my small stool and pointed it at him, 

"Don't come any closer or I swear... I will prick you with this," I said to him trying to scare him, 

"Wow, so you think a pencil would scare me off?" he says to me as he walks closer to me, 

"I don't fear pencils dear... I only fear guns and it seems you don't happen to have one" he said to me with a smirk growing over his face, 

"This pencil might hurt you more than a bullet if I use it properly," I said smirking, 

He walks closer to the pencil and the pencil begins to bend, 

"Shit! I wish I had some ninja powder, so I could use it to pour on his face and run wherever seems safe, 

"I said out audibly, that he heard, "well too bad you don't have any ninja powder to pour on me," he says to me as he places his two hands behind me and in this state... I'm on the wall with no space to run, 

I placed my hands over his chest and he gives out a very cute smirk out from his face, 

"Don't fight it, let us just do it already, your door is locked and no one will know except you decide to moan while I am inside you?" he says to me so bold.

"You are so bad, Is that the only thing that goes through your mind...and my door is never locked, anyone could enter, " I said to him, 

"If anyone enters I would pump air into my cheeks and behave like some robot... and no one will know it was me," He said to me as he smiles so funnily to me, 

I laugh and then I spoke, 

"You are so funny, they would still figure out you are a human right? "

"Of course... they might, but wait, why did you say right?"

"Oh, no, no, no, I wasn't accusing you of been a robot, I just..." then he interrupted me and I was unable to complete my sentence, 

"You just thought I was a robot?" he said to me with his face getting red now, I think he's either upset right now or really excited that he wants to laugh but is unable to laugh because my face is so serious, 

"Shit!...i think if I give out a smile, he might laugh it all out, so I won't smile," I said in my thoughts, he uses his finger to touch my lips, with a smile on his face, 

"Babe... I am trying not to laugh right now," he says to me with that silky looking face of laughter, 

I couldn't hold the smile so I gave out a smile, "Hehe," laugh sounds from terry, 

"Hahahahaha" I laughed quite wrongly to the way I wanted it to sound and he laughed with me, 

"I love you... Stella," he says to me giggling, 

"I love you too..." I said unable to complete my sentence again as I got interrupted by his kiss, 

"kiss me, Stella," He says to me and I kissed him like my life depended on it, 

My door wines open and our kiss gets broken, we both turn at the same time and our eyes can see a storm of surprise.


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