Chapter 37


"Shit! We are still rich somewhere and I almost forgot" she says hugging me.

"I'm so proud of you and I want you to keep this little secret only between the two of us, by tomorrow we will Change the world," she says hugging me even tighter.

She then lets me go and leaves her room.

I walked out and headed straight into my room.

I took my bath and then on my bed was my phone. I picked it up and made a call to Sarah.

Me: Hi can we meet today?

Sarah: yup definitely, where do you stay?

Me: I live in the estate close to history, art and works building, block C, house number six.

Sarah: oh that estate, I know about it, Just give me like thirty good minutes, I'd be there in no time.

Then she cuts the call and I look up at the ceiling... I could see my life changing with speed,

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