Chapter 38


I and Sarah were both done from the bathroom, she walked towards the bed and picks up her clothes putting it on, then she kissed me again and then she left.

I was back on my bed, closing my eyes and sleeping off.

"Knock" sounds comes from my door and I stood up walking towards my door when I opened it my eyes met with that of my mum, she looks at me with her eyes sharp and I recalled the plan we had for today.

"Just give me thirty minutes," I said to her, and she walks away, I closed the door, entered my bathroom again and took my bath_dried up and dressed in a very nice black suit.

I was now done, I came out and as usual, breakfast was already served, I ate and my mum watched me till I was done.

As soon as I was done, she asked me to immediately transfer the money I had in my long term current account into my normal savings account and I told her I w

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