How to Design the Plot Framework of Urban Novels

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How to Design the Plot Framework of Urban Novels

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1. Complete plot structure - Cause, Process, Climax, Ending
✅ 1. Complete plot structure - Cause, Process, Climax, Ending ⭕️ The Cause - is the starting point of the conflict, while the process and climax are the situations we need to describe emphatically. ⭕️ The Process - is when the main character is insulted or looked down upon, which is a concentration of negative emotions. ⭕️ The Climax - is the situation that main protagonist turn the table, which is the outburst of positive emotions. ⭕️ The Ending - is a brief introduction to the end of the story and the beginning of the next episode.When we design the story of the first paragraph, we need to understand why we are designing such a story. In other words, we should figure out what kind of plot we want to write, and then design stories that slap one’s face around that plot.>>> For example, In book “The Charismatic Charlie Wade”,- The Cause of the conflict: His aunt in a welfare house falls ill and needs treatment, so the MC asks his grandmother for money. (← Origin of the conf
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2. The Turning Point of the plot
✅ 2. The Turning Point of the plot [From a Normalized Event to an Abnormalized Event]⭕️ Where the Turning Point should be? - when the Cause turns to the Process, or the Process turns to the Climax.⭕️ The Turning Point refers to the key to the transition "from a normalized event to an abnormal event".⭕️ Many authors talk a lot about humiliating parts, but emotions are a process of accumulation and explosion.>>> Counter-example: MC does housework at home every day, but one day he suddenly breaks out. [ This kind of plot lacks an emotional trigger, because the fact that MC does the housework is a normalized event, there’s not much negative emotions. ]>>> Example A. The Turning Point - the Cause turning to ProcessIn book “The Billionaire Pauper”: MC delivers express (normalized event) → MC discovers his girlfriend having an affair while delivering the express to a hotel room (negative abnormal event)In book “The Almighty Dragon General”: MC works as the warden in prison (norma
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3. How to better design the Turning Point
3. How to better design the Turning Point [“wish + obstacle”]⭕️ The First Step: Creating the conflicts⭕️ The Second Step: Intensifing the conflicts. There are two ways (Of course, it’s okay to use both):a. Strongly highlight the protagonist’s wishes;b. Significantly strengthen the obstacles he faces.>>> For example, in “The Charismatic Charlie Wade”: a. MC’s wish 1: Hope grandma borrow money to save people. (The person saved is the MC’s aunt in the welfare house, reinforcing the MC’s strong desire)MC’s obstacle 1: The satire and disdain from grandma and relatives. (A detailed description of the sarcasm from grandma and relatives, which greatly strengthens the obstacles)b. MC wish 2: Wish to be with FL. (The FL firmly sides with the MC, exaggerating the MC’s strong desire)MC obstacle 2: Grandma forces MC and FL to divorce. (If they don’t get divorced, no money will be given, which greatly strengthens the obstacles)[ These two have become the second major conflict in the pl
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4. How to better create conflicts
4. How to better create conflicts⭕️ A. Emotional betrayal + Show superiorityFor example, at the beginning of book “Secretly The Billionaire Heir", the MC is betrayed emotionally, and the heroine as well as her lover show superiority to the MC.⭕️ B. Bullying/FramingFor example, in the early stages of book "TRILLIONAIRE IN DISGUISE" , there are plots of bullying.However, the plot of bullying or framing seems to have a mediocre effect on our platform.⭕️ C. Radicalization/PrejudiceFor example, in book "The Charismatic Charlie Wade" and "The Almighty Dragon General", due to the prejudice against the MC in the early stage, the villain often performs extreme behaviors (such as breaking off an engagement, forcing the MC to divorce, etc.).
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