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Friends, we all are aware that life is a journey as we live, we learn. Everyone has dream and expectations from life. Here, tells the story written by Lisa Onwuegbuna based on Business, Marriage, Love, Hardship, perseverance, and achievements of a man whose name is Elvis Wayas from Barbados who is so engrossed in fulfillment of his personal dreams and carefree of what others may think about ideologies, concept of life and view of things. I do hope you learn from this, even as you have a memorable and enjoyable ride through the Pages and Chapter of this Fictional Story.

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  • Krisander


    here's a fantastic novel written by me... i do hope you enjoy each Chapters

    2023-03-13 19:54:32
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CHAPTER ONEElvis, an intelligent, young boy of ten had lost his parents and life has been really rough on the young boy.He was the only child of Mr. & Mrs. James Wayas who died in a motor accident from work.They left the world leaving their only son all alone at the cause of this, he lived his life on the streets, eating was very difficult for little Elvis.Elvis wasn’t able to continue his studies because there was no money nor a house he could sleep on.One morning, Mrs. mercy Kent, a woman in her eighties, was trying to cross the road but the road was so busy with cars all driving in quick without hesitation. Elvis, seeing her thought in his mind, ‘I wasn’t doing much, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea if I help the old lady to cross the busy road’.Off he went, Good Morning ma he greeted with his cute smile, the old lady’s mind was lost in thought on how she would cross the busy roads. Elvis tapped her this time around and greeted again there, and then he was happy the old lady r
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At 7am in the morning Elvis had prepared for work, and he was ready to leave home, he hugged his grandmother and promised her he would be careful out there because the roads were not safe again. Walking through the streets of swan street, he felt a feeling of fulfillment. Not like he was earning much, but he felt happy for working hard for his grandmother, who took care of him when he felt like the world had neglected him.He got to havens supermarket located at roe buck street, Barbados. “He said to himself, thank God I arrived at him”.As the rules and regulations states, anyone found guilty of lateness, their salary will be deducted. And everyone could see it being boldly written at the right-hand side of the entrance door.His dedication and selfless service towards his work won him employee of the month many times and this made their Boss to admire him so much. He carries out his duty without hesitation, he won the hearts of so many customers and some gave him tips. Elvis also
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The Alarm clock stopped…55 minutes past 7… it was time to get up from the bed, he wasn’t sure if he was ready to start yet another day, but he had to believe that fate gives second chances.Finally, he woke up from his bed, stretching his legs towards the edge of his bed, he went straight to his bathroom, to brush his teeth and wash his face.He did the little arrangement he had to do in his room and he sat on his bed, trying so hard not to think about his bad experiences he had working in havens supermarket. He knew fully well that he was framed, but he had no proof, he was all alone.However, he was happy because the only person who cares for him in this world believed him, and to him, it meant a lot.He left his room, to check up on his grandmother and then prepare for breakfast, El prepared their morning breakfast which was sandwich bread and tea they ate to their satisfaction.He cleared the dining table, and then he decided to listen to the news to know if at all there was anyth
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It was a bright sunny day on July 18th and the clock clocked five, Elvis woke up from his bed feeling excited, he went straight to his bathroom, to freshen up and prepare for the big day ahead. Humming so loud that his Nana whose bedroom was at a distant could hear him.Elvis was so happy, that he felt like jumping as he walked through the streets, he couldn’t wait to get home to tell his Nana how his interviewers commended his comportment. Nana was already worried about Elvis that she had to wait outside the house, it wasn’t up to an hour Elvis appeared smiling. The old lady was glad he was back, and she went ahead to ask him, how did everything go?Elvis went ahead to tell her everything that happened. She was happy and glad. It wasn’t up to a week that he got his employment letter from the office he went for their interview. And he was instructed to start work as from the following week, but the young man was so eager to start the next day. But it wasn’t going to be possible beca
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Elvis came to work like every other day, dressed in his normal working rig, looking nice as usual. He went to sign in like they usually do in their attendance register made available for workers in their hotel to know the attendants and the total number of workers in their organization.8am had finally come as he had waited in earnest to resume his daily working activities and everyone began to move in their different stand where their customers and visitors could reach out to them and in case of any assistance. Elvis stood not too far away from his duty post chatting with one of his friends and a colleague, Nelson Adams.Nelson Adams, short and lean, his eye was like that of Sanjay own. A character in an animation story “SANJAY AND CRAIG” frequently shown on the television. He had a black colored hair. He’s friendly and calm. Always feeling shy even around his fellow workers. He’s twenty-five years of age. He is from Argentina, but he stays with his mum after his parents got divorce
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Having to have witnessed all the pains, and the series of events he had experienced, he then decided that it was time to leave his hometown, but he had no idea how he would do so.However, he met his grandmother to tell him about his new ideas and also to know what she would say. Nana started by telling him that the world is not in favor of all, but if leaving was the decision he had made, she would support him.Elvis at the age of twenty-six had made up his mind to explore another country, he needed a passport and a visa.At 8am he had left home with Nana in other to do his international passport and then think about the country he would like to go.On their way home, he remembered his next door neighbor, Edward Jones, who told him he was going to Ireland to stay with his family. And who promised to keep in touch, but along the line he couldn’t remember where he dropped his contact.But he was determined to search for it, he searched all the corners of his room, and house, but he is
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Elvis was so eager to leave Barbados whereas his heart feels like it was leaving something behind which was his Nana.His concern was that she will be all alone by herself, and it's a journey of a thousand miles that he was embarking, but she wasn't worried because she knows it was for the best.Elvis had already met with his friend Edward the second time like they earlier said, they talked about when they will be leaving and about life itself.In a months time, they will be leaving Barbados to Ireland, an island located in the United Kingdom in Europe.Elvis promised his Nana to be keeping in touch and also once he settles down, he will do his possible best to know if it's going to be possible to bring her over.Nana wasn't that young, but she was strong enough to must have agreed to stay all by herself.August was a summer break, when Elvis and Edward will be leaving Barbados to Ireland, a city whose Capital was London. Governed by her Monarchy. It was a small, beautiful island with
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On his way to get what to eat at a nearby bakery shop (Helen's Bakery)A bakery owned by Philip Rivers. On his way to the bakery to buy some bread he would use for his morning breakfast, he bumped into a young lady whose name he was yet to know.He apologized for not intentionally bumping into her.The young lady with a smile in her face accepted his heartwarming apologies and they both went on their separate ways.Alice thought to herself, who could he be? I'm actually seeing him in this neighborhood for the first time, so she thought.The next day, they met again in The Walk way while coming back from her morning exercise. Good morning Alien? She greeted Elvis laughed but still wondered why she chose to give him that weird name 'Alien'.Before he could reply, she had already continued her morning exercise, which she usually did everything morning or sometimes during the weekend.That same day, they both met themselves standing on a long queue to eat from one famous restaurant.She
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The dripping of a coffee machine, the clacking of a waiters shoes and the smell of a waffle, these were the reason Elvis never stays a day without visiting Phoebe's restaurant.Every morning he goes there to eat his breakfast, seating at the usual spot. He certainly likes it there because of the quietness and the cool breezes that make him to feel alive.He looks around and admire the beauty of nature, he got lost in thought, and he had no idea when Alice his friend called out to him.The young man was so engulfed in his thoughts that even his name he didn't hear, the young man was lost in space.She went ahead to stand next to him, but he didn't notice her presence, she decided to tap him at his back so loud that the young man was shocked, and then he came back to earth.Forgive my manners, Elvis said. I was so engulfed with my thoughts that I forgot I was being called. Life has been tough ever since I got here, and my Nana would never be happy to see how my life has become miserable
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Elvis left home in other to get to his new office on time, he was excited that he couldn't wait for 8am as it was the usual time for offices to open for their daily working activities.Albert Lea Cleaning Agency as not too far from where he stays, however he wasn't going to take chances.He wanted to have a good impression on his first day at work, like his Grandmother always says' first impression matters'.He had no idea what he might be doing. At 7:50am, Elvis had already found his way to Albert Lea's Cleaning Agency, where he got his first appointment. After having to have stayed at home for three months doing nothing.He was attended to by a male gender whose name tag bore Gabriel Fernandes.Gabriel Fernandes, in his early 20s, green eyes, black hair and is dressed in a corporate wear, tall, pointed nose and handsome that anyone would think he was a lady.As he stood close to Elvis;Good Morning Sir; welcome to Albert Lea's Cleaning Agency. How may I help you?Hello, Good Mornin
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