Satria and Destiny

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Satria and Destiny

By: Hasniatuljannah OngoingOther

Language: English

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Being blamed for the death of a mother while giving birth is the deepest wound for a child. Then, the arrival of Mother and a new sibling who was numbered by the father, really disappointed him and made him choose live alone with a bandage of disappointment mixed with wounds from his father. Can Satria wake up from a nightmare that made him regret ever being in this world? Meanwhile, wherever he went, the world seemed to not support him far from the source of the wound that made him gape even more when they met face to face.

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chapter 1
"You unlucky child! No profit! Go away!! Don't you ever dare to show your face in front of me again!!" "I myself don't even want to admit you as a child, then what about other people? Get out of my sight and don't you step on my house again!!!" "Don't leave Satria, Satria is scared!!! Mom...., please Satria... Satria is afraid, help me Mom...." The image of a small child being pushed down by a middle-aged man continues to roam the memory of a 28-year-old man in a plaid shirt who has just returned from work.A bitter smile appeared on his thin lips remembering the events of a dozen years ago that will never fade from memory, unless he is destined for amnesia."Go away!! Don't dirty my shop! You brats, I told you you can't wait for free food here!!!" The voice made the young man look for the source. Then, his gaze caught the sad incident that hit two small children whom he predicted would be under ten years old.At first, he was just watching, but when the sound of a body being
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chapter 2
It's not Galang if he doesn't succeed in making Satria upset and happy. Last night was made fun, now early in the morning it's been annoyed. How could it not be if his business was related to the time and schedule that must be pursued this morning and Galang played around with it. "Ck, swear you didn't do a lot of work, you set my alarm at half past eight, Lang. I'm late, Where do I pray at dawn to make up for it'."Satria continued to nag while tying his black shoelaces. Meanwhile, those who were scolded could only grin and scratch their heads because they felt guilty but were too proud to admit it. "Sorry, Sat. I usually wake up at that time. So I forgot that you left for work at eight. It's your fault that you don't remember me." "Nynyenyenye, you won't be able to wake up at dawn either." "Hehe, y-yes," he replied with a grin.A smack of a roll of paper landed on Galang's head. "What is written on your religious ID card?" asked Satria still tying his shoelaces."Wow, clearly
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chapter 3
At ten o'clock in the evening, the usual after-work hour for most restaurants. The Lezafood restaurant is one of those that applies this system to its workers. Yesterday they were able to go home late in the afternoon so they could prepare for the extra work today because the boss had expected a lot of visitors at his restaurant due to the influence of the up-and-coming band.That is, Andira waits for her lover until the man comes home from work. "I don't like waiting for you inside for a long time. I'll think it's disturbing your work. That's why I just walked around here first," Andira reported like a child being interrogated for making a mistake. "Owh Good! why don't you go home first, hmm?""Because I want to go for a walk with you, Honey. Later when I get home, where can I go out again. You know that, my father doesn't like his daughter wandering around. And you know, this is my chance to stay out longer while my father goes straight to Bandung to accompany my grandma who does
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chapter 4
"Daddy is coming home next week, you take good care of yourself at home. Don't wander around because Daddy has ordered the house to report if you dare to do various things." The threatening voice on the other side made Andira, who had just woken up, feel too lazy to answer. However, she has to raise her voice so as not to hear more nagging from her father. "Andira! Did you hear what daddy said earlier!?""Yes, Dad. Andira listen. Don't worry, Andira always comes home on time anyways, at least if you're a little late than the time that gave you, it must be Tania.""Why don't you just invite Tania to stay at home while daddy and mommy are in Bandung?""Huh? Seriously, Dad?""Hum, I'm serious, instead of meeting you often outside which daddy believes it's night, it's better to invite Tania to stay at your our house." "Hmm, okay, Dad. Later, Dira will try to invite Tania, I hope she will.""Yes, Daddy will hang up the phone first, want to take your grandma to check up." "Okay, Dad. B
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chapter 5
It was getting dark. Previously Andira had accompanied Tania shopping at the mall, now it was Tania's turn to accompany her to eat at Lezafood Restaurant, where her boyfriend works. They got a table inside this time, not at an outdoor table again even though the restaurant there are a lot of buyers."Bay the way, where is your boy? How come I didn't see it earlier." Tania looked around looking for the whereabouts of her best friend's boyfriend because it's the first time when she came there didn't find Satria back and forth controlling Service work under his leadership and ensure that all guest needs are met. Not only Tania, Andira too. She tried to call the man's number but he didn't receive a call. Usually when Andira calls, no matter how busy he is, he will be accepted for a moment to say she is busy. But this time not at all, Andira until he made circling. Then, a heavy sigh was heard from the girl. "Looks like he's really busy, Tan. My calls aren't being accepted.""Mmm, ho
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chapter 6
Just walking around town, then shopping at cheap street food alone made Andira happy as long as she was with her lover.The only child of the owner of one of the big companies in the Metropolitan City is not as demanding as most of the other rich kids.Her lifestyle is also very low, the important thing is with his beloved, wherever and what he eats he won't have a problem. Like now, the two of them were sitting on a chair on the side of the road, in front of the tofu cart."Tofu mixes the two, yes, Mr!""Okay, Sir. Immediately executed," replied the seller from behind his cart.Andira saw that the mixed tofu seller was still the same age as them. She was very happy to see independent young people, just like her boyfriend. Meanwhile, she herself could not carry out more activities as she wanted because she would not get permission from the head of her family who was strict enough.Just taking care of her mother's boutique which became an escape so she wouldn't get bored at home. "D
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chapter 7
A man with unsteady steps walked into the elevator, his destination was one of the units in an upscale apartment.The black hat that always accompanies his wherever he goes, looks dashing perched on his head.When he was right at the unit he was aiming for, the bell was rung. Only once did he hear someone's footsteps approaching the door.A man with unsteady steps walked into the elevator, his destination was one of the units in an upscale apartment.The black hat that always accompanies his wherever he goes, looks dashing perched on his head.When he was right at the unit he was aiming for, the bell was rung. Only once did he hear someone's footsteps approaching the door.It didn't take long for the apartment door to open slightly for him."Good evening, young master," he greeted kindly."Evening." Short, solid and clear, don't forget to stare with sharp eyes like you don't like to have your night disturbed."Excuse me, may I come in?" he asked still in a polite tone because he worke
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chapter 8
It's been a week since Andira has been free to go out at night with Satria, her lover, on the pretext of going out with Tania, her best friend. One of the people who really supported him with Satria apart from his grandmother and mother. And, the day that the girl most didn't want to live had happened, the day Hartanto, the father who had been in the City of Flowers for the last week, returned home. When other children are happy hanging out with their parents at home, let's just say Andira is one of the people who doesn't like the gathering. It happened after her father subtly forbade the relationship with Satria who is considered unable to make his only daughter happy. "Mom's Daughter, why is her face so grumpy?"Imelda, who was watching television in the living room, saw her daughter sitting alone on the edge of the pool with her feet allowed to sink in the cold watsawThe 49-year-old woman approached her only daughter, the only belief that God gave before he carried out the remov
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chapter 9
In her room, how could Andira sleep well so fast if her mind was preoccupied here and there. The girl could only take a deep breath after throwing herself onto the bed with a sky blue bad cover, her favorite color."Huhh.... daddy isn't really cool, isn't it so I won't be going to the night market with Satria tonight. Even though I made an appointment." Yesterday when they were taken home, they made an appointment to meet and go to the night market, that was at Andira's request. It's very simple isn't it, the desire of a child of a rich man who can occupy herself enough to live a simple life. However, the image of her playing a lot of games there with her lover had to be immediately removed from Andira's brain because the reality is not as beautiful as imagined after the father called that they were already on their way home.Tonight Andira also can't exchange news from her cell phone with her boyfriend because he has a lot of work to do. The last exchange of news was five hours ag
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chapter 10
"Shit! I lost track of them," he cursed furiously."Damn Andira, even though I really need information about her today because I've run out of money."After being hit by the car many times, Andira is indeed a field of money for him. Today he had to find more details about Andira in order to sell the information to Gio. Unfortunately because of losing track, he had to bite the fingers today."Argh!!!!" he groaned angrily then started his car again aimlessly. Failed already he earns money on this sunny day without being too tired from work. Really, the information about his little friend was far more expensive than his salary working at the previous company.But wait! The man's smile returned when he remembered something. "Hmm, why am I so stupid, huh. I'm as complex as him, Gosh! You really have a stupid brain!" The car owner turned the wheel to return to the complex. He was sure that some of his friends would know about the company owned by the Hartanto family. The boutique is qu
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