"Ku ri a..."

     He wanted to drop it. He couldn't be sure what to arrive at that moment. His instinct did affirm that what he was holding was never a snake. He knew twas never that long and thin creature with a curvy walk style. He knew what its grasp would feel like in his coarse palm. He tried sorting his thoughts. He knew not what to do. Or probably he did know what to do but was simply shilly-shalling. He couldn't put a speck to the dust. His thoughts had been chopped. He tried what he felt reasonable to himself. He dropped what he had grabbed. He couldn't help it. He wanted to run outta the water but he would simply be a coward. And what was there even to run away from. Wasn't he supposed to be on his feet? Wasn't he supposed to fight for his reels? Even if his father had told him to run and run from the impending doom he could never see coming, was it anyway close to being a coward? Well! He tried ascr

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