Don't Go To The Woods

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Don't Go To The Woods

By: Beauty Queen OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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With a horrific murder of 12 passengers in just one night, Detective Smith had been really busy trying to find out the reason behind this mysterious murder. Which will now lead him into a mysterious adventure into the woods facing demons and death with a young lady who hold a supernatural powers. As he unravel the mystery about his supernatural being.

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  • Beauty Queen


    This is the best horror story I have ever read so far, although it was horrifying, the comedy in the story is motivating, I can't wait to read the remaining episode. keep up the good work Author ....

    2022-01-01 00:39:11
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Chapter 1: Behind The Scene
The rustling sounds of the trees filled the night as a passenger bus drove swiftly by the roadside.  They were heading to thunder town and had already entered the town woods.  The driver maintains his pace to avoid some falling rocks by the roadside.  Soft hip-hop music filled the bus as everyone had forgotten the town's history.  A whispering sound was heard near the woods which made annoying noise.  Not bothering to know, the driver assumed it to be as a result of the rustling sounds.  The whispering became louder, leaving the passenger in remorse.  The death crawled down the roadside but its body was not seen because of the full moon.  Only a huge shadow was seen but sooner the crawling sounds and whispering stopped. "They are nothing to fear, it is just an illusion" the driver assured them as he drove gently across. Back in those days, people believe in the un
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Chapter 2: The Outbreak
Suddenly all the dead passengers get up, leaving all the detectives in shock.  The lifeless body was about to attack them when Smith shot them from behind. I think it is time for me to resign," George said and Smith shot him a deadly glare. "Get all the dead passengers to the health center," Smith ordered. "Sir there is a survival," one of the soldiers said, As they reach where a man was lying in the pod of his blood.  "He must have barely made it alive," one of the soldiers said. "Take him to the health center" the commissioner ordered. The man was placed into the ambulance which drove away. "Didn't you say 12 passengers were in the bus," the commissioner asked. "Yes sir but the survival made it 13," one of the inspectors answered. How can someone come out of nowhere?  He wasn't even there when I checked the spot he was found, Smith muttered. "Humans makes mist
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Chapter 3: The Creepy Hand
        The witches" How is the preparation going," a man sitting on a chair surrounded by a few guys asked. "Everything is going smoothly, our plans to raise an army from the humans to continue our battle hasn't been ruined," the man in the hood replied. "You must be completely careful, everyone is preparing for the grand entry. We can't afford to lose," the man said. "I know how important this conquest is but they is an inquisitive detective, he had almost annihilated our plans lately," the man in the hood said. "Obliterate him, if he intends to know more," the man replied. "I tried but we can't just kill him without evident" Looking at his master face, the commissioner answered. "I didn't send you to the humans to tell me that you can't kill an ordinary detective.I give you all the powers you need, " the man seating replied being annoyed by his sentence. "Am sorry sir, if he becom
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Chapter 4: The Master Return
The cold wind blew gently in the woods making rustling sounds as the trees were being blown about in the darkness of night.  Deep down this part of the woods, in the part most difficult to approach by any ordinary human.  An innocent creature had been buried in his grave, being half-alive for a long time over a century.  As he waited patiently for retribution. The soil cracked open.  He rises from his grave. He could feel his body again.  The creature opens his deep red eyes,  Leaving a roar in the woods.  His eyes could change into any color From red, blue, green, etc.  Depending on his mood, But his revival meant terror.  He once dreaded the land some centuries ago.  He was a lord in his land, He was inhuman and his ranking was the top among the best.   His presence means doom for the lands.  The master of the woods has f
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Chapter 5: The Horrifying Incidents
The moldy hand must have chased him into the woods," they all assume as they shrink in fear. "What sort of thing is this moldy hand," John inquired as he was already scared to his wit. "Save those questions for later maybe after you have had the spiritual awakening," Dave answered receiving a deadly glare from John. "Take the body to the forest and bury it in the cemetery," John commanded the group of armies. "Yes sir," they said and took the strangled victim into the car. "What about Smith," George asked. "We will talk about that later," John said and follow the car.           **********        At The Cemetery Almost everyone was present, including the man family. Sadness filled the air as the priest said his words. We come and go, strangers, we are in the lands, just as the winds pass by and never stop that how we keep on moving. Until finally, d
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Chapter 6: The Resignation Letters
" No, no, no sir we were about to leave," George muttered his words with his teeth grinding together. Disappearing from their spot, they ran like a goat which was being chased by a lion. Falling, injuring bleeding but they never cared. All that matters was to escape from the ghost. Desmond was nothing but amused as he watched the creature scurry away. He described it but it was kind of fun, the way they ran out. He enjoyed the views more than when they were being drawn into the grave. I need more sacrifice, Desmond said as he disappeared into a thin air.      *****Police station ****** "Hey, are you all resigning," the chief officer asked being disappointed at them. "At least even if everyone doesn't work, public officers like us still need to be in office," the chief said in fury. "Sorry sir, but we can't risk doing jobs that can cost our lives. That is our resignation letter, the 10 of u
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Chapter 7: He Is Mine
" How do I kill the two of you," Kate asked. I can't die sister, Smith said staring into her eyes. "Do I look like your sister?" Kate ask as she stared into his eyes. Kate got lost in thought as she stared into his pupil blue eyes. "Am sorry aunt, I hope you are not having a crush on this worthless soul, " the young girl Lucy asks bringing her out from her thoughts. Giving out a smile, "I heard that some of these humans are charming, I never thought there was one to suit my taste" Kate smirk as she came out from her love fantasy. "Am sorry aunt, If this human is your love, at first sight, I request you let go of this one. I have to skin him to death, " the girl Lucy advises as she exposes her teeth ready to spill Smith's blood. Kate finally turned her attention to the little witch. "The humans here look, I request you find another appetizer," Kate said as she glared at the young girl. "Uh," Lucy
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Chapter 8: The Horrible Breakfast
I hate a horrible movie," George said. "Are you scared," Abigail ask. "No, why will I be scared, after all, I am a man," George answered nervously. "That is why I love you," Abigail said and kissed him. George was feeling suffocated as the horror movie went on, it was all about burning people alive during night hours.  When the witches sacrifice various humans to pacify their souls. "Oh my goodness, they are cruel," Abigail muttered staring at the screen. "Oh my goodness, " she said as the sacrifice became more intense. "I am feeling sleepy, would you mind if I off the television," George asks hoping the young lady would change her mind. "No this part is more interesting," Abigail answered. George stared at the brave lady in wonder. He was doomed. Walking into his bedroom was a problem. Not to talk of using the restroom. The graveyard incident came running through his
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Chapter 9: Take My Man Into My Bedroom
"Take him into my room for treatment," she ordered one of the servants. Everyone watched as the man was carried into their mistress bedroom. Turning to look at her servant, "And they should be no false rumors around here," Kate said and left their presence. "Am sorry to say this but this is too much to bear," one of the maids cried out. " I Wonder who that guest is that we have to treat him like someone second to our mistress," All the servants cried out in agony.                     ********* Coming into the bedroom, Kate sat beside the bed. "How is he doing," she asked one of the doctors. "He collapses from a shock, he will be alright after some few seconds," the doctor answered. "Ok," Kate replied. "Leave the room, I want to be alone with him," she ordered the doctor and some servants who were waiting behind. "Ok princess," they chorus
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Chapter 10 : The Fearless Devil
The hospital was filled,George had been seriously injured, claiming his assault to be a night ghost. He was scarcely believed by some team of retired detectives. "Wait you are telling me that some devil was responsible," Raphael asked in disbelieve trying to be reasonable at least once in a lifetime. "Sure, the George I know wouldn't lie about the incident," Dave answered scrolling through the security camera. "And there it is," Dave said letting some of the other detectives join him. "Very of a smart guy," John said as he watch the culprit walk away on the screen. "He knows that they were security cameras everywhere but he just walked freely around the street does he think we are too weak to retaliate," Raphael asked. "Trust me, this guy is more dangerous than we thought," Steve answered while bringing some drugs in. "How is Abigail, "Dave asks out of concern. "Not good it is serious.I don't just get wh
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