"Tell me, what happened here?"

     The leader of the search party said to the tough guy.  His nose was splurting rage and zeal. The tough guy could had mistaken them for phlegm if he wasn't skilled and thoughtful. 

     "He escaped with Lude. He escaped with him."

    The leader of the search party walked up to the base of a tree and sat. The tough guy was alarmed. Like surprised. Who does that?

    "You aren't serious, are you? Why would you sit after what I just said."

    The leader spat into a pavement between two fallen brown leaves. He picked up the two leaves and covered the saliva with them. Then he turned to the tough guy. 

    "If you were this Zealous, you should had gone after it. You should have even killed it. It shouldn't have taken the boy with him."

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