Seven Deadly Cardinals

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Seven Deadly Cardinals

By: ArcDreamer OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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This is the Seven Deadly Cardinals - seven stories of seven different people, how they embody the heavenly cardinal in its goodness and then how they are dragged to become the opposite sin. No story is the same, no life is similar. The mental strength and capacity of one might be bigger, but that does not equal certainty of getting out from the troubles of life. There might be longing for what we don't have, driving us to do the unthinkable. Strengths becoming weaknesses, weakness breaking into new strength - it's dance of madness, chaos. Not all is set in stone. The stories include a lady that falls for a serial killer, an actor and tailor, the flower shop owner and orphanage, a priest and gangster mob, an office worker and a stalker, landlords son and new tenant, youth centre worker and how things did not go as it should.

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Authors Note + [1] Chastity/Lust
There is the way of black and white – the way we all perceive things in rights and wrongs, good or bad, devilish or angelic… List goes on and on with opposites. But what if all of that was part of the same thing – like two sides of the same coin? Let me go on and most likely taint all the nice there is in the world, for just a bit…The beliefs that we make, what we decide – the paths taken and desires that drive. Imperfect human life. [1] Seven Deadly Cardinals - Chastity/Lust Walking back home from the part-time work, head in the clouds, thoughts about what would be sufficient for the dinner tonight.The evening was charming with the endless street lights, the ‘open’ signs in neon and the cars that dash past.“What was the name of that dish Mary said about? Frosti… Tosti… Rosti?” - Gia muttered to herself. The screech of the tires woke her up from daydream.She looked to her left to see a car that stopped. Angry gentleman got out and got in her face: “Are you blind?! Can’t you s
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[2] Gluttony/Temperance PT 1
His devotion to the surrounding life was admirable. He was the perfect neighbor, the really appreciative son, great friend, the irreplaceable worker, the most pleasing person on a train, the nice helpful stranger and the biggest hearted human one could possibly ask for. Friends were absolutely loving him - he was the host of dreams. Every meetup, gathering, event or simple tea time was always requested to be hosted by him. He managed to please every person attending. Each of these events were leading to his increase in popularity. Girls were in awe from his gallantry and mindfulness of them. Ladies kept on asking him to become their boyfriend, lover, best friend. There were even ones so desperate that proposed - but he kept on saying that no matter how fond he is of them, there will be a better suitor for the amazing ladies they are. Each day after long work he’d come to his studio flat on the tenth floor with a fantastic view towards the river that separated his housing block and
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[3]Charity/Greed PT 1
Streets of town are buzzing with life this weekend. The celebrations are soon to commence and everyone is working hard to prep for the town festival. Young ladies and gents flocking to the corner flower shop to request more and more flower arrangements to put outside their houses. It’s lively inside with smiles and laughter. The young owner of the place - Stella is on a mission to bring the happiness and joy to the locals with what she best can. From morning until late evening she is buzzing like a bee to get things done. Even today - she is mad at work with making it all before attending a requested meeting in a local orphanage. She was looking for it for a while. After lunch, as Stella left the flower shop for Barry to manage, she got in her car and was ready to depart when her mobile rang. “Hello, Stella listening!” - She spoke in a cheerful voice. “Ah, yes, Stella!” - Orphanage director called, - “I apologize, but unfortunately there is no time for meeting today. I have to co
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[4] Seven Deadly Cardinals - Diligence/Sloth
Another end of day for the “Dame Rose Atelier”. The doors are locked from inside, sign flipped to “closed”, the show room is cleaned up. The only person left inside is tailor. In the back of the atelier, with rows of fabric, shelves of buttons and neatly organised equipment on the table, near the sewing machine, a tailor sat on the chair. The fitting mannequin wore a draft for a suit jacket. Phone dings, Richard notes down another appointment on his phone. He took out the notebook and signed into it the time and name of the new person. The new person suggested by Collin, friend of Richards, was a famous male actor and big celeb. “Although Collin said that the man requires a suit for Gala, it’s just odd he’s eager to get it here.” - Richard spoke out. When there was no one around, Richard had a tendency to talk to himself. Well, anticipating troublesome customers was to be looked forward to. The next day began as usual. The assistant came in to greet any customers, help them a
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[5] Seven Deadly Cardinals - Patience/Wrath
“Forgive me father, for I have sinned…” His lips were pressed together, as he listened to this woman and her long list of things she “wants to be forgiven”.Businesswoman, great stature, connections and looks. She was the typical epitome of “femme fatale”. In early forties, suited to the most expensive taste and always sweetly talking. Due to being closely raised in a monastery, this priest got to be in his position quite young - special devoted case. Since childhood he was looked at as a saint - albino by nature. White hair, white brows and lashes, eyes blue. Nuns were calling him the “godsent angel” who will cleanse and help lost souls. Being quite bored with this womans confession, Lavan observed the fly that was crawling over the red velvet curtain. Tiny legs hurriedly making way up and down, then standing still. Like it observed the priest, as he observed the fly. “Ah, another thing that will end dead and dried on a windowsill.” - Lavan thought as his eyes traced flys movemen
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[6] Seven Deadly Cardinals - Kindness/Envy
“Don’t forget to water irises!” - Father loudly remarks from the porch, as I stand further out in the garden. Instead of shouting a reply I simply wave a hand. I can hear him clicking his tongue, from all the way out here, as he dropped his hand in that dissatisfied gesture at me. “Asshole.” - I mutter under my breath. The hose sprinkles the water over the flower bed, the evening is letting the heat of the sun die down. It’s quite the odd heat in July, but still, it makes me enjoy it as it goes. “Alois!” - The old lady Margaret that lives up on the third floor waves at me from the balcony. “Evening!” - I reply to her with a smile. “Come get apple pie, once you finish! I baked a lot!” - Margaret giggled and went back in. She’s by far the nicest lady I’ve met in my life. She is easy to be around, so very relaxing and nice. Unlike my father, for example. The old man is bossing me around a lot, yet I’m alright with it. I get that he’s doing his best in his own way, with over the to
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[7] Seven Deadly Cardinals - Humility/Pride
Radio is playing in the background. The papers are being checked, the laptop is on, the projects are open for review.“Agne! Agne!” - Tomas is shouting from the corridor of the centre.“Here!” - Agne replies, as she’s buried in her work.Tomas walks in, with his outside winter coat, red cheeks, boots, and a very happy expression on his face.“Can you imagine? Ok, ok!” - He tries to catch breath. - “Remember Egle? She managed to sign a contract with a recording studio, she’ll be a full time singer! On TV! Isn’t that amazing?!” - Tomas was overjoyed with the great news.Agne looked at him with a smile, a cheeky look, then smacked her lips and replied: “I received email from her yesterday. You’re late news, ha!”Tomas clicked tongue, then began taking the coat off:“You’re just… Tsk. Hate that about you.”Agne laughed.“But I am really proud of her. She did great.”Buzz of cars was audible from an open crack in a window. Office needed some good air in. The place was packed with youngster
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