The Devil's Claw

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The Devil's Claw

By: Amna Talha OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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In the Era where some Elite families are ruling the world, while all other people are considered as low class and are treated cruelly by Elites. Among the Elites there is a boy named Keith who decides to change these wrong parameters by going against his own family.


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62 chapters
The Rising Flames
Keith was staring at the Mansion on fire, standing in front of its main gate, where cars of fire brigades and ambulances were gathered to evacuate and rescue the people there. It was once a big silver building with ten white pillars on the front of it, spaced in an order with a regular gap in between. Windows were as large as doors made of wood and glass and its wide corridors could be seen from far away the building. It was named as Mansion of Janes where the famous elite family named Janes were living and controlling all the affairs of city named Derfin including banking, media, journalism, accounting and everything, either directly or indirectly through some agents from all renowned companies regularly reporting to them about their internal affairs. "Thanks to God! Sir Micheal janes and his wife Dina along with their two older sons are saved!" said one of the rescuers in a loud tone. "But what happened to Watson? Their youngest son. He is nowhere to be found!" cried out other rescu
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As years passed by, Sir Richard got closer and closer to acknowledging Keith's extraordinary mental abilities, like he could solve the most complicated mathematical problems without using calculator at only 11 years of age, design a map or structure of building without using any parameters or scales, and he could also tell height, length, width, weight, distance etc. of things accurately. During his recently started Astronomy class, "So Keith, why do you think that Earth revolves around the Sun while Sun is stationary?" asked Richard with his elevated brows as he assumed Keith wouldn't be able to answer. "Isn't it the apparent shift of nearby stars every six months, as the Earth moves from one side of orbit to other?" answered Keith in a simple tone. Richard was shocked to hear this answer because he has not taught anything of Astronomy to Keith yet, "Since when did you start observing the movement of stars without using telescope?" asked Richard. "I never observed that, but I just be
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Reality, The Worst Nightmare
Keith kept quiet the whole time during breakfast with his family, his eyes were still as he was lost somewhere in his own world of imaginations, "What are you thinking? Keith" asked his father in a casual tone. Keith didn't answer, though his eyes were no longer still. "What's wrong with you? Is it Richard's death that's bothering you?" asked his father again in a casual tone. Keith ignored his father again and continued eating creamy fruit salad with fork. "You think your this behavior would bring back your tutor?!" yelled his father. "Calm down honey!" said mother, "He's just a kid, and he has already not eaten anything since yesterday". "He's no longer a kid, he understands everything, if his mentality towards us stays like this, he would one day be our own enemy!" yelled father again while getting up and leaving the table. "Your father has gone crazy, a kid and an enemy! does it even make sense? Just ignore him, Keith" said mother in a sarcastic manner after father had left. Keith
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The Last 10 seconds
Although Keith had found out how brutally Sir Richard was killed, but he still hadn't found out the reason for all that. Despite his worsening condition, he hardly got hold of himself, sat again on the chair in front of table where laptop was placed, and there he clicked the play button on all recorded footages, covering different views of the Mansion to search for that particular reason which he believed could be some conversation between his father and his murdered tutor. Clicking and playing through most of the footages, he painfully found out that his family wasn't only used to hurt low class people at minor levels, like punishing them with sticks and pipes for little mistakes, giving them degrading remarks, overburdening them, starving them for consecutive days, and so on, but also physically tortured them and brutally killed them whenever they liked to do it, because of their own frustration or uncontrollable anger and hatred towards them. For this brutal purpose, they had a sp
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Another Horrible Incident
Seeing his father's worried face, "Dad, don't panic, every thing will be alright" said Keith while looking straight into his father's eyes, "Instead of guarding the areas where cameras don't cover, why don't you just install some more cameras?" asked Keith in a calmly serious tone. "Because our fucking security got hacked by someone within our own mansion, no matter how many cameras we install, we are going to be hacked! Dammit!" replied Jason in an angry tone. " I think it is some unfortunate time for Janes, we should face it with patience and courage.." said mother while patting Watson's head who was standing just besides her. "Whoever it is, he will be witnessing hell before he dies, that's for sure" father predicted just before leaving the hall. After the reports of six dead bodies, no other body was found there, and the reports had stopped. But it all had left a terribly bad impact on Janes especially on Micheal and all other Entrusted class carrying out their respective duties t
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Dina's Speech
This recent incident was more of a horrible mystery, rather than some normal unfortunate happening, because there was not even a single survivor. There were so many unanswered questions and unsatisfied comprehension of the event. First question was whether it was an incident or someone plotted it, because carbon monoxide cylinders were already there, to facilite domestic purposes like generators, stoves, grills etc. Second question was based on the answer of first one, if it was someone who did it, then is it someone from basement or could it be someone outside the basement. Third question was why there was not even a single survivor, because there was a certain possibility that alarms and other CO detectors would turn on automatically. Fourth question was the most common one, that whether all these events one after other were connected or were these just coincidences. All these uncertainties were creating hype and panic not only among Janes but also all others residents and workers o
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Keith's Wrath
That night Keith played on the recent footages to check the latest updates. Though he was sitting there in the bank as main accountant, yet he had placed his laptop in a way that screen couldn't be seen in the camera above him, installed to keep an eye. When the spy agent working in security department, named Miss Saila noticed his way of sitting and placing his laptop, she felt something suspicious. She immediately went to Micheal and informed him that she feels something not right about his son sitting's position. "Sir, don't mind but your son Keith has been sitting in that same posture for about 2 hours.. It doesn't feel right, should we check him?" asked Miss Saila. "No Saila, I'm going to have some break, I will check him on my way" answered Micheal in a casual tone. At that time, Keith was watching a footage in which his older brother was raping the maid named Kate, the only maid Keith liked the most. Then he played the next footage, where he saw how his mother was beating the c
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The Flower that grows into Deserts
"You bastard! You traitor" said Jason in shockingly angry voice, "I will kill you once and for all" Jason repeatedly cursed Keith, as he started moving towards Keith with filled up anger. Keith poured gasoline in between them, separating mother, father and Jason on one side while Keith and Watson on other side of fire. Micheal and Dina were in shock, couldn't say a word, while Watson had realized that it wasn't some sort of game, "Brother Keith you're a traitor! You should better die" said Watson angrily as tears flowing down his cheeks. On seeing his mother full of burns and wounds, Watson just couldn't stand still and started running towards her, going through the fire... "Aahhhh" Watson was crying and screaming as fire had wrapped him up all around. Dina tried to protect him but her legs weren't helping, Micheal and Jason kept on seeing Watson burning in shock. Covered in fire, Watson kept moving rapidly and irregularly out of pain, till his foot got slipped on the edge of roof. "W
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Beginning of the New Journey
Some black woman with curly hair all messed up, though they seemed to be tied up by herself, brown eyes, her size about twice the size of Frey, wearing short skirt and casual shirt without sleeves, sat next to Frey. "Hey Kid, Do you always travel alone? " asked she while using her mobile phone. Frey preferred rather to stay quiet, ignoring her question like he just didn't listen, seeing outside the window of the bus as bus was moving towards the city of Mallay, where the famous elite family named Drasheys had been ruling for so many years. It was about distance of 2 hours away from city of Derfin, Frey's original city where Mansion of Janes had been located. "Kids these days don't know any manners, I guess" said that black fatty girl who seemed to be about five years older than Frey. Frey looked at her ugly face and then turned his face again towards looking outside the window. "Oh so you're just deaf.. I see.. Poor you" said she while resting her head to the back of seat. Within an h
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Bank Robbery
"How much money do you need for that?" asked Frey in a casual tone. "You're asking like it isn't a problem for you, yet your shoes seem to be from centuries ago" said she while pointing at his old fashioned and torn out shoes. "I don't have money at this moment, but I know I can have money whenever I want" said Frey while looking at Karin's questioning face. "I can rob a bank" said Frey while putting his legs on the table in front of sofa. "Who do you think you are?! Some underworld don or rascal or what?!" asked Karin with frustrating laughter. "Just tell me how much do you want?" asked Frey, now getting irritated. "I need about 2 million dollars, within only two weeks, because cancer in her body is spreading very rapidly" said Karin. "Then you will stop working for that Elite, right?" asked Frey in a concerning tone. "Yeah... Of course, but robbing a bank isn't child's play, you aren't serious, are you?" said Karin in a serious tone. "I will provide you with 2 million dollars within
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