Chapter XXXI • Maia
For the next few weeks…

“Holy mother of all the gods,” I speak under my breath as Severin and I make our way back to the pit house, trembling in the cold as the light of the full moon guides our way through the dark forest. A gust of wind blows by. “It is freezing!”

“A-at least we were able to bring the next batch of goods to that village,” the green-haired man replies, putting down the crate he is carrying to pull the sides of his cloak over his chest in an attempt to warm himself. “Do you think that village will be able to find it, unlike the last one we disseminated these goods to?”

Another strong gust of wind suddenly blows by, making me stop in my tracks. Ugh… I am starting to dislike the cold now, too.

“W-we literally put the sacks in the middle of the village for everybody to find,” I reply, suppressing a shiver. “No need to fret, for I know that these p-people will get those goods— just like the others have. They will have enough to get through Winterfylleth, and so will t
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