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Emma Stone: The Protagonist of OMEGA Emma Stone stands as the central figure in OMEGA, and her lineage traces back to the great immortal Dracula, the sole supernatural to attain the coveted status of an OMEGA. Endowed with the comprehensive abilities of various supernaturals, Emma bears the weighty responsibility of a singular mission – to forge peace among the diverse colonies and clans. In her pursuit of peace, Emma encounters formidable adversaries seeking to seize what she uniquely possesses, even as she endeavors to champion the greater good for all. Synopsis: A World in Turmoil For centuries, supernaturals and mortals coexisted, forming an alliance to combat the looming threat known as the IMPERISHABLES. Dracula, patriarch of all vampires and the immortal realm, made the ultimate sacrifice, ushering in an era of peace that endured for five centuries. Yet, the echoes of conflict reverberated anew among the supernaturals, leading to a war that fractured their unity and power. Amidst this discord, factions emerged, dividing the supernaturals into colonies and clans, where the insidious allure of absolute power continued to sow corruption. Content Warning: A Tale of Strife Readers delving into OMEGA should be prepared for chapters that vividly depict violence, touch upon themes of sexism, and include elements of LGBTQ representation. These facets, while integral to the narrative, may be unsettling for some readers.

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Chapter 1: At the edge of death
Five hundred years before the war, Lafayette O'Hara was captured and brought to the council of the supernaturals for treason, he was escorted into the elder chamber by a shape shifter, a werewolf, and a witch, whereas, a vampire, a fairy and a human were making their exist where he would face his judgement as he stood facing the elders of the supernaturals in handcuffs."Lafayette O'Hara", Elijah Wood said. "You're now in the presence of the great council of the supernaturals... For treason"."I, Elijah Wood", He said, introducing himself. "Guardian of the Beta sword, tribrid and keeper of the legendary talisman".With the ongoing introduction, Lafayette O'Hara interrupts Elijah Wood which made Sarah Lance threw fireball at him which he eventually averted."Sarah Lance", Elijah Wood said. "Mother of all witches. Keeper and guardian of the mystical myths of the supernaturals". As she then renewed her youth while been seated."Dracula Stone", Elijah Wood said. As he made his entrance in
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Chapter 2: The search part 1
"We need to leave now!", Emma said. As she held Mark by the hand assisting him up on his feet. They both met with Dante outside as they joined with the others.They met with the others, where they had hidden themselves in a secret hideout only Mark knew about, locking all the doors and only spying through the peeping hole. "It's chaos out there!", Grace said. While looking through the peeping hole.Mark went to his sister and explained all that had happened. Sharlene East was surprised to what she had heard about Emma taking out the vampire fairies."What are they?", Emma asked. "The vampire fairies"."They're abominable creatures of unfathomable power", Sharlene East said. As she began narrating how the vampire fairies came to be. Seeing that Emma must have noticed her being a supernatural from a fairy colony.After the war was over, and the death of the alpha supernatural. The colony were divided and wanted a new alpha king over all the supernaturals. Clans and colonies broke apart
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Chapter 3: The search part 2
Twenty five years ago, a farmer and his son went for hunting in the woods. His son had spotted a deer, he informed his father who was about to instruct him on how to hunt and kill the deer when they heard a loud roar within the woods. "Dad!", The boy said. "Am scared".The father turned around to look for what it was, with the deer also keeping a sharp hearing before been devoured by a Lycan. They ran as far as they could with the werewolf chasing from behind when they came close to end of the road on a high cliff with waterfalls. The werewolf approached them as the father shot countless times at it with only been able to hit it twice. It jumped and grabbed the man who was able to push the boy out of harms way into the water when the werewolf had devoured the man that had blinded one of it's eye in the cause of his struggle.Luckily for the child, he survived and was saved by another human who took and raised him as his own and as a hunter. Hunting became his only purpose in life to
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Chapter 4: The search part 3
Three years ago, somewhere in the countryside of west, A man named Eric West fell in love with a crossbreed; a half human, half lycan. They became soul companions and had children. They lived peacefully in the countryside of west till war broke out. Lycans who had formed allegiance with some wolves and hybrids to take down the packs. They made trouble with her people, captured and experimented on crossbreeds, wolves and Lycans who were resistant to cooperate. They came into homes abducting almost every species of lycanthropes for their experiments. They came to the west to abduct their children forcefully as Jeanne and Eric West fought to protect their offsprings. Eric being a human was easily overpowered and almost got killed by an hybrid but was saved by his wife. The rebellious lycanthropes had taken one of their own as Jeanne went after them in pursuit. She'd fight back and saved her child before being abducted by some gang members leaving her child on the front couch of the house
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Chapter 5: Strange call 
"I still find it hard to believe one of your own could betray you", said Dante as they journeyed to the fairy colony. "Not until I saw it with my own eyes"."I had always suspected the chief elders of our colony to have a defect in their judgement", Marget said. "After the Queen was gone, another wanted to take her place, with the princess not being around"."How long have you left home", Emma asked. "For a very long time as long as I can remember", Sharlene replied. "Four years... I believe so", Margret replied. "Before we were assigned by our Queen to look for her"."Sharlene. Am so sorry to hear that", Emma said in a low tone."I should never had left home in the first place", said Sharlene in a sad tone. "It's all my fault"."And all will be resolved my Princess, once you take your rightful place as Queen in the colony", said Margret. "Many awaits your arrival".They followed the pathway that led to a river canal at night, where they stopped."Why are we here?", Grace asked. "Wh
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Chapter 6: Next phase part 1
Marcus Brian who's body was retrieved is given an IV of blood to recover his missing limbs and parts when a beautiful lady of great appearance and shape came to where he is laid on the bed, seeing him in his pitiful condition. She felt pity on him cause she loves him, it pains her to see him in this predicament. "Oh. My poor baby". She said in a pitiful tone. "No one suffers like you suffer". As he breathes heavily while looking at her in an hopeless state. "Here! Let me help", She said. As she unbuckles his pant and then climbed on to him to make love while he exhale. "I don't know how much more of this we can take", She said. "I've to put up with these fuckers. Telling them what to do in order for mother's plan to be set in motion". *Marcus pant. "They took everything from mother... They neglected her will, her purpose and vision. Despite all what she had done for them. They betrayed her. (She grunts)", she said. "They think she's weak or her children are weak, castrated. They
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Chapter 7: Next phase part 2
Three years ago, somewhere within the Aihandrui forest. Some group of merchandisers were offloading their goods as one of them went off to take a piss in the woods, he began hearing voices from the other side of the forest, he peeped to the other side to see some beautiful maidens having their bath. With curiosity he tripped over a branch and fell over, exposing himself to the maidens. He stood up and was about to approach them when he got hit by a magical blast from one of the maiden, making him unconscious as he fell to the ground. They all escaped through a magical portal except for one who came to see how he was before leaving.The next day, he couldn't stop thinking about what he had seen the other day, he often goes to the woods to see if he could spot the beautiful maidens again. As the day goes by without having any luck, he suddenly came across one eventually on a fateful day. The maiden who had blasted him, he couldn't believe his eyes, spying on her beautiful body, he could
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Chapter 8: Next phase part 3
They saved the entire town from the imperishables without any survivors left. The people of Aihandrui fully welcomed the immortal human back into their community as their protector, he helped rebuilt their homeland with Emma and her friends before embarking on their journey."Where would you go from here?", John Maxwell asked. "To find the guardian", Emma replied."Well I don't know who that is but am sure you'll find them", said John with a smile. "I'll be seeing you my friend". He said to Dante. As they both shook hands.They left Aihandrui in search for the guardian following the directions of the magical compass, they were been watched by an unknown stranger. Their journey was stopped half way by night fall as they all decided to rest within the woods with no place of shelter. Karl Carl slept on one end, Emma stayed up to watch as Grace insisted that she should have some rest while she and Dante watch for the night. They lit up some woods to make fire as Grace and Dante began the
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Chapter 9: Faith or fate
"That's it girl!", Dracula stone said with a smile. "You've gotten stronger"."Thanks daddy!", Said Emma with a smile."Sorry to interrupt. Lord of darkness", said a supernatural who came unannounced to Dracula stone who's in training session with his daughter. "Your attention is needed at the council chamber".Little Emma was about to follow her dad with Liliana jumping in to keep her company. "Stay with your sister!", Dracula said. "I'll be back... Make sure you keep each other company"."You need not to worry Dad! I'll take good care of my younger sister", said Liliana with a grin.They began training why their Dad had important matters to attend to. "Do you think it's about the... You know... I...M..PER...ISH...ABLES", Emma asked Liliana."Nah! I don't think so, and even if it is... Dad's gonna kick their arses together with the supernaturals", said Liliana. "Don't worry sister, I'll always be there to protect you no matter what". As they both smiled with Emma hugging her sister.
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Chapter 10: This is not the end
The flabbergasted Emma whispered "Azriel is my mom... And her true name"."It's no surprise she came as Clair to you Emma and I know how hard it must have been for you and your family, but your father Victor (Dracula) stone did what's right by keeping you and your sister safe", said Hanna Wise. "Maybe if I talk things out with her, she might reason with me and put an end to this without hurting anyone", Emma said. "I've to try at least"."Emma I know how you feel but your mother never cared for anyone but herself", said Hanna. "You've to move on and safe the colonies".Just in their moment of discussion, Emma sensed the imperishables approaching as they planned their next move. The imperishables came to the Wise with Hanna confronting them in courage."You can't have us... Whatever you're planning won't succeed", said Hanna."We only came for the girl!", Veronica Replied. With her pushing Hanna aside as she walked towards Becca Wise and was about to grab her but was eventually stoppe
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