The Matriarch

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The Matriarch

By: Remnis Luz CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Before the world crumbled, there was the so-called all-giving light. A tremendous blast of white and black glow broke through the skies, engulfing the earth and raining drops of what looked like stardust. It was an unexplainable phenomenon. Everyone thought it was a new weapon of mass destruction that had lost control, being tested by the countries that held superpowers. Thus the beginning of a short little skirmish between them as they tried to blame one another for it. But then, while the world was at war between themselves, it began. It started with certain people suddenly developing godly powers. Some had super strength, others were unparalleled speed and so on, making the conflict continue with a unique twist. Everything was now engulfed in chaos, destruction, and anarchy as new rulers rose and the old was slowly being replaced and disposed of. And during this time, a young Chris Cruz is thrust into the world of power struggle because of his need to provide for his family. Being deemed as an irregularity for having so much energy, yet with no proper use, they considered him a dud, a waste, and a totally worthless case. Thus, they keep him in the research division to serve as a guinea-pig for finding out more about the said phenomena. With no choice as a soldier, he is forced into missions and predicaments that put his life on the line. And throughout all these obstacles, the power in him slowly adapts, but at the same time, all of it begins to consume him. Will Chris be able to stay as he was? Or will everything completely change him? As the world starts to look different from his point of view with each awakening, eating every piece of his humanity away.

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233 chapters
A loud boom echoed all throughout the sky as if something had exploded within the earth's atmosphere, in just a few moments ring-like wave of white and black rays passed through the sky, raining down a similarly colored stardust for a few seconds.The whole phenomenon was seen all throughout the world, as all of humanity had managed to witness the wondrous thing that had happened.Suspicions, fear, and intrigue arose from a lot of people as each and everyone who saw the incident had their own theories and guest on what had occurred.Newsfeeds suggested it was caused by an abrupt explosion of a large meteorite that entered the earth, conspiracy theorists suggest it was a new weapon b
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Chapter 1 Segregation
When Chris stepped inside the huge tube-like mechanism the machine's arrowhead started going haywire. Scientists were baffled looking at one another, murmuring to themselves all the while giving glances towards him. All he could do was force a smile as he felt so awkward right now, being stared upon by several people wearing white lab coats while wearing only a very thin piece of white underwear. It was obvious that everyone was awe-struck seeing as how the system was acting up because of him. But that didn’t stop them from writing down their notes on the find.  “Mister Cruz, please step out of the chamber so that we may now proceed with the other tests,” Chris was only able to nod, feeling really awkward at the moment. The people around him didn’t even care to give him a robe, only interested in proceeding with their work as fast as possible. Read more
Chapter 2 Results
Though no longer aware of what was happening, Chris ended up being lucky as several more tests were done during his stupors, such as gas poison, acid drips, and burns.   He was only able to wake up when he felt the world-shaking around him as two men carried him in a stretcher. Shakily, he tried to open his eyes to see where he was being sent. Though he could still feel the pain, all his wounds and scars were completely gone when he was brought to the physical examination room.   Inside, there was a man with glasses, hair in a rugged ponytail, he seemed to be contemplating while looking at the clipboard that he was holding, rubbing his chin before letting out a deep sigh.   “This is the subject sir,”
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Chapter 3 Enlisted
“Here is your personal Badge, I.D. and you should be able to get your uniform from the supplies officer on section three,” the soldier in worn-out fatigue politely placed the card along with the metallic pin on his hand, even saluting after to give his respects.   Chris knew the man was only doing this because he didn’t know the truth about him, still thinking that he was still one of them, one of those special ones.   Chris winced, seeing the large letter in bold font on his card with a picture of him smiling and a barcode below. Along with the symbol of what seemed to be an eye.   “Thank you,” he could not help but bow down, ashamed of the respect being given to him, knowing that his title was all
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Chapter 4 Ability?
“I bet they were all surprised that you actually passed the test! They didn’t think someone of your kind would actually be able to do it, but look at you now,” his father let out a loud and hearty laugh as he kept slapping his back, seemingly happy and proud of what had happened.   It was Chris’s off on that day and he was allowed to leave camp for the time being since power users had that kind of privilege. So he decided to go home and visit his family. When he arrived a luscious feast was already waiting for him, so they ended up having lunch, since he really missed his parents' home cooking, being so far away for the past months.   “I...I don’t think that’s an issue dad,” he tries to laugh it off, feeling a bit awkward about the said subject, knowing what his father was pertaining to.   “Isn’t it? I heard they don’t treat people of the third sex very kindly son, maybe you should act more manly when you’re around them
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Chapter 5 What lurks within
There was ringing noise all over them alongside muffled cries and screams, gunshots can also be heard together with some indiscriminate shouting. It felt like Chris’s head was turning at that moment, that even opening his eyes felt so painful. A smoke of dust was swirling in front of him the moment his blurry vision managed to focus once again. Still collected and trying to remain calm he began feeling every part of his body for anything that hurt, all the while moving his eyes to see what was going on. It seemed that the flash of light had caused a total panic for everyone, seeing several people running around past and by them. That was when he noticed that the dust around them was some kind of ash-like mist that seemed to cover the area where they were. When Chris was sure that all was fine with his body he begins moving, slowly turning his head to check what had happened to his surroundings.
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Chapter 6 Memories
He could still hear the ringing sound in his head, reverberating alongside blurry images of what seemed to be a large dog-like shadow above him. The only thing that seemed to be clear at that moment was the images of blood, lots of it, pooling, dripping, red liquid all around him.   There was even a vivid part in his memory wherein he was looking at his arms, covered in it as he laid down the cold, hard pavement.   A voice echoed behind his thoughts slowly waking him from the sudden depths of his dream-like memory.   “Special private Cruz, sir, are you listening!” the man said once more, snapping his fingers in front of his eyes.   Raising his head to see the white walls, tiled floors, and metal railings around him, along with the pungent smell of medicine and alcohol. That was the only time that he got back to reality, seeing the three uniformed men who were beside him. They were wearing a black sui
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Chapter 7 Investigation
Sweat in his forehead, hands, even in his underarms just kept on trickling, even if he’s just staying still on his chair all the while surrounded by several white-haired men. He could not help but make quick glances at the stars decorated on the uniforms of the old men who were still discussing something with one another. Chris would hear murmurs and a bit of bantering along with one or two arguments here and there, it was like he was nonexistent at the moment though he was already surrounded by them. Everyone quickly straightened out when the doors that were behind the generals' table opened, in came another white-haired man, though his face was crinkled showing his age his posture was still quite firm and straight, walking with pure authority as he went to the chair that was situated in the middle of the room. All of the people there were instantly at their best, even the guards quickly stiffened just by the sigh
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Chapter 8 Experiment
“Sir, exactly why are we here again?” Chris was unable to stop his voice from trembling as they were descending into the lowest floor of the underground base. “You’ll find out soldier,” the man wearing the white lab coat just said before remaining silent again. The sound of the whirring mechanism of the elevator and the man’s sudden quietness just made it even more terrifying for him, remembering what it meant to be on those lower floors.He literally jerked from the shock when the door finally opened, they were greeted by the sounds of hissing, ambers jumping from the metals being welded, the smell of alcohol, and the metallic smell. Soldiers were passing by one after another in haste, some were carrying weapons, others were pushing huge cages, along with them were scientists in white coats running around with their clipboards or tablets, discussing some things with one another i
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Chapter 9 Cleared
Chris was still trembling as he stared blankly in front of him, the beam of light continued to move from one of his eyes to the other as hands kept pressing his lids to keep them open. Though he remained perfectly still and unresponsive due to the shock, he was still able to hear the argument and debate that was happening within the room as their voices boomed inside the tightly sealed tiled room. “Why did they react that way, they were of the same species,” Dr. Steinz grumbled as he continued to flipping from one page of the paper on his clipboard to another. “Maybe it's his affinity to the beast.” Dr. Gomez rubbed his chin as he continued to view his tablet, the sounds of beast screaming could be heard from it as the man kept replaying the video of the whole procedure that was done. “You think it has something to do with his wavelength?” Dr. Steinz then looked upon something on his d
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