Lailah: The Milestone

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Lailah: The Milestone

By: Zuxian CompletedRomance

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Following the shipwreck of Ja Lia in the sea... Lailah continues in her seduction spree. But a part of her misses Ja badly. She misses him so strongly that she hurt. But Ja Lia has been recruited by Poseidon to tame Lailah and return her to the sea. Lailah is aware of the fact that Ja has been abducted by Poseidon and knows that nothing good is coming from that. She prepares herself. Ja Lia returns to earth, a changed man to discover that Lailah was pregnant with his child. While he's caught in the claws of whether or not to believe the Seductress who has slept with almost all the village men, he thinks of the possibility of taking the life of his own child. First child. But deep down in his consciousness, he knows that Poseidon has an eye on him.

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  • cutejasmine


    it's very well written! dear author, if you have any socmed that i can follow, please let me know! thanksss

    2021-08-03 20:37:35
  • Zuxian


    Please as you read, leave your comments. Thanks.

    2021-04-16 17:31:19
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61 chapters
The urge is strong
      "How unruly fate is."   She breathed the words out as though she would hide it even from the lapping waves of the sea up ahead of her.    She was barefooted and her eyes were keen on the sea. She was looking as though she was expecting anything at the feeblest moment.    The waves of the sea were tumbling in gay and she could count the strokes of their sway. She used to ride on their wings before the curse and the banishment.     "To snatch my lover away from me."   She added. She took two steps closer to the sea. She wasn't as close as having the waves touch her legs.     She went on her knees and folded her arms over the large boobs.     She was wearing a pink gown. She was feeling very hot from within. She needed sex. She needed someone to have sex with.     She couldn't make a man but she could
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The "don't touch" syndrome
      "This will prepare you for the remaining three days you'll be spending here."   Ja Lia watched Poseidon walk off the aisle. The torrent of the sea at that portion of the depth wasn't as unbearable as he had thought. He was loving it there and would wish that he stayed there forever.     They had been walking through that room from one end to the other. He couldn't remember the numbers of days he had spent there. All he knew was the fact that Poseidon loathed Lailah and wanted to use him against her.     Of course, Poseidon had promised him lots of riches and one of the statues of gold he was standing before at that very moment. Who would die for such errand. Knowing fully well how wealthily he would live off the gold.     All he had been asked to do was just dispose of Lailah. Lure her to have sex with him. That was all. That could never be difficult.     Lai
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She's a Cougar
       "Do you have sex often?"     She said, leaning on the stem of the palm tree on which the man was. He had been on the tree since she could remember. For what? He was trying to pluck few edible coconuts.    Not only was he trying to pluck them, he was also tearing the fond off with his teeth. Lailah was weary of watching him do the whole drama.     He looked down at her at the question. She met his contoured face with hers. He seemed to had been caught off guard by the question she'd asked.     "Beg your pardon?"    He said. She chuckled. He could feel the strength of its wave on the neighboring branches. He wasn't in for the lady's game.     She hadn't explained to him yet why she made him have sex with her on the beach where anyone could pass through.     She made him have sex with her even without knowing him
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What a correspondence!
      "You're sure you have the strength to house me, dear earth?"    Ja Lia said as soon as he climbed off the large serpent, Leviathan. It'd been a hell of a ride through the waves all the way from the depth of the sea, the castle of Poseidon, through the taunting torrents and nebulous Nymph's kingdoms.     He'd learned to note during his stay under the ocean that there were very many ladies with much more taunting beauties and heavy shapes and bounty boobs quite tempting than Lailah.    One of the things he hadn't been able to compare was the generosity of Lailah. Well, if he had had chance to test the wills of the Nymphs, he'd had figured that out.      "Say me well to Poseidon."    He turned and said to the serpent. The large serpent decked with scales from the fall of its nose to the tip of its tail snorted and blew him forward with the warm breath coursing t
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She'd have whoever the f** she wants...
       "What again do you want, woman? Guessed we made it clear to you that we do not want to see you around her no more. Better if you'll do the favor of returning to wherever the fuck you came from."   Jimin could feel the pressure of her presence heating on his mental ken. He couldn't handle it anymore. He was raging and felt like smacking her but he was very much a gentle one. And what gentle man in his right man would deem it sane to raise his hands against a lady. By extension, no man should even think of it.     He was doing a lot of thinking and he didn't need that.      He was standing at the door, and she was standing before him.      "I can see only a person around. Where are the "we"?"    She said, tossing her head to and fro as though she was bewitched. She didn't give a damn how mad or angry he was with her. She would get whatever she wanted
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How distracted Ja could be
        "The stench was quite strong. I could still fill its pangs in my nostrils. Not sure if I'll get over it."      The lady said. She was still in the gown she had on the previous day. She should be leaving the beach in few days if her husband refused to show up.   The previous day, she had mistaken Ja Lia for her husband and vice versa. The similarities and correspondence of the occasion set the two off and left them with no choice but to get to know each other better. At least, better enough.      "I'm sure she was here."    Vulcan said as he took his seat next to her on the bench which was few metres away from the hut.       "We are very much different I guess."   She said, her arms dancing on the chair. Her moderate waist was bordered by the thick arms. Quite thick for a lady.     "Myself and you or Lailah?"<
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Even the sorcerer?!
    "What was she doing here?"   Lao Tzu quizzed, still standing at the door of the room. Jimin was still speechless. He didn't know what to say to his brother. Twas quite obvious. What was there to say.    The lady had been on him, sucking him and rocking his erection hardly. Lao Tzu saw it.     Jim was seating on the bed and looking at his brother who was wearing an emotionlessly long face.    He knew he was waiting for something. He wasn't a dummy of course.    But he didn't know from where to start. He would look at him occasionally and throw his face away.     Then Lao Tzu walked away from the door.  Jimin stood up. Fair enough, he was still having his clothes on.    He hurried and scrambled till he got to the door.     Lao Tzu was under the oak tree opposite the house. He was facing the vast pl
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Her smears can't be cleansed!
      "Was that why you left me back home?"    She hurled at the man as soon as she got her words after the balance. Her eyes were tuning and Ja could only but watch.     He wasn't really sure if that was the best way to start a conversation but twas never his own problems so he'd steer clear of it.     "I have no idea what you talking about."   The man said rather confused. He had a skin which looked like a gourd. Inside the skin gourd, there was coconut water in it.    He wanted to make a little rite before drinking. He had just figured what he wanted to do before her arrival.     "You won't. Probably she'd tampered with your memory too and now you're her puppet."   She said again.     The man occasionally looked at Ja Lia who made no comment. He was trying not to make the dark thought he was nursing survive
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The two brothers and the hyenas
   "I still don't get what the fuck is happening."  Jim said pacing the aisle before the hut. He was distorted. His brain wasn't working the way it should. He didn't even know how twas supposed to work anymore.    Tzu was over the street under the oak tree opposite the hut. Jim wasn't ready to go over to him. He felt like he should be able to have all under his control but he didn't.     He stopped pacing for a while and began to walk quickly to the place where Tzu was seated.   He didn't know if the elder brother would have the response he wanted.   There was nothing to be scared of as he crossed the street. Carriages plied the route once in a fortnight.    He walked a little farther after crossing the road and got to Tzu who met him with,    "The imbeciles still in act?"    Jim walked to the side of Tzu and helped himself to th
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Ja Lia and the pregnant lady
     "You know this a wrong direction, eh?"   Ja Lia said walking side by side with the lady. He didn't know what he was thinking or why he kept following her but time would test it. That was the belief that had been driving him till that point. And nothing had been tested yet.     "I don't want to have to see him again."   She said without looking at him. Not only were they or had they been working in the wrong direction. The pace they were covering per minute was nothing pleasant.    Ja knew he could never walk that slowly. All was because of the lady. Why did he always have to be in a loo because of ladies.     The sea abduction was because of a lady, Lailah. Now, he was straying away from the responsibility with another lady he knew nothing about other than she was pregnant and got jilted by her husband.   What if things went wrong and Poseidon came
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